Now 17 month old discipline

adamsmommyNovember 6, 2009

My son is now 17 months old, I have tried time outs for such things as the incredible whinning, reaching for the outlets, digging in the trash and a few others. I know that I have to be consistent, my problem is that if I am truly consistent, he would spend 90% of the day in time out! If I am consistent and put him in time out EVERY time he goes back and does what he just got in trouble for is that going to have the effect I want? I would feel really horrible if he spent that much of the day in time out. But I also feel really horrible when I lose my patience and snap at him.

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In my experience at 17months old you can't use time outs. He is really too young to make the connection between his action and the consequence, which is what you are trying to instill in him.

I would suggest that you just arrange your home so he cannot get into mischief.

Distraction is the technique you should try at this age. Just give him something more interesting to do, and he won't do the things you don't want him to do.

If he does do something you don't want him to do, and it is tricky to rearrange things, like going near the oven - perhaps you can just say a firm "no" and say "hot" and move his hand away.

If he is whining, perhaps you could ask yourself why. Does he have enough sleep, mental stimulation, playtime, outside time, walk time. Once again, distraction - so he gets out of the habit of whining.

Hope this helps, all the best with your little one.

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Good advice, Popi.

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