interior door painting gone bad

clarannAugust 21, 2011

My husband painted the door that goes from our kitchen into the garage(just the garage side). The paint didn't adhere properly. So he put on another coat. Same thing - it looks terrible. What went wrong and what can we do to remedy this? Wish I could post a picture for you. It looks and feels rough in large areas.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

Need WAY more info, what type paint, prep done, etc, etc etc.

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Our house is 9 yrs old. We're cleaning the garage and having the floor epoxied by a professional. Decided the door needed to be freshened up. No prep, just got out a can of semi gloss and painted. After looking at it, I'm thinking the interior doors were not done in semi gloss, but eggshell anyway. I'm thinking we need to do it all over - lightly sand, prime the whole door and then do an eggshell paint. Does that sound reasonable? My husband won't be happy though.

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Your DH might not wanna hear this, but:
* Any new paintjob is only as good as the prep/paint underneath it!
* Ideally, the door should've been taken off, cleaned, thoroughly scuff-sanded, dust removed, and primed.
* THEN painted!

Unfortunately, now you'll have to remove the "Ugly" paintjob and do the steps above.

>>> Stick with the S/G though!!!
You couldn't pay me enough to use Eggshell on a needs more sheen than that to be serviceable there.

Technique is important too!
* Use a GOOD brush and/or mini-roller.
* Don't overwork the paint, use long flowing strokes, and get away. Brushing past 1 minute is too long in the same area with modern paints....they set-up too fast.
* If door is paneled, paint those first, then the short horiz. cross pieces, leaving the long verticals stiles for last.
* Don't overlap into any vertical stile, center or edge.
* These long vertical pieces (center & the 2 sides) need long strokes, since your eye tends to notice them more.
* Search the web for a visual on this!


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Ok, you convinced me...we'll do semi gloss. When you say "remove the ugly paint" what exactly do you mean? Just sand it...or what?

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Hi again!

Yeah...sorry! You MAY be able to literally pull it off.
More likely, haul out your favorite palm-sander!


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Thanks for your help!

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No prob!

Just get down to that original paint layer and dull IT.

Then prime, etc.

(off to work now @ the paint/hdwr. store! 12-9pm today....)


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