MariaNovember 7, 2001

Lately i have been getting acne and when i say acne i mean acne in the morning i cant see my face trust me its an ugly sight.i feel like the most horrible person in the how world i ve tried nutragena,naxima,clinique . i dont know what to do any more and i dont want to have a face full of scars.

please help!

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A dermatologist could probably help.


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Eat garlic..a lot of raw garlic! My husband swears he was covered in zits until he started eating garlic and voila!

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Go see your family dr. There are some very inexpensive treatments out there...like Vitamin A cream for instance, also there are soaps you can use. My mind is blank right now on the names but I think one might be Phisoderm???
Anyway your family dr. would be the easiest to get into and they see this stuff all the time. If he felt it was necessary he could then refer you to a dermatologist.

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My hubby fights really bad acne - side effect of medicine he has to take. I bought Clinique's Acne Solutions Night Treatment Gel - it's about $16 but it lasts a long time. It has salycilic acid in it. You dot a little on the breakout before you go to bed and it really dries it up. I sneak a little when I break out 'once a month'. They also sell good barsoap to clean with. Pharmacies also have barsoap - Oxy-something. You don't have to have a prescription but you do have to ask the pharmacist for it - ours keeps it in the back, because it has a higher percent of the acne ingredient than the clearasil-type over the counter stuff. Also - in the shower, use Lever2000 soap. A girlfriend who had bad acne was told to use it by her dermatologist (versus dial and others). He said the antibacterial ingredient in Lever2000 is a different kind than in the other soaps and really helps acne-prone skin. She said it really worked to cleared her up and helped keep it clearer. We've been using it for a year and it has helped him control it a little better. If you are on a budget it is worth a try!
Best of luck to you!

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Talk with you parents. Tell them you need to go to the dermatologist. Acne scares can be permanent. Today's prescription products can keep your face clear therefore keeping you from having acne scares your entire Life.
Discuss this with your Mother. Let her know how upsetting your acne problem is to you . Possibly she doens't realize the advancements in acne care over the last 10-15 yrs.

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*Please note I meant to type Scars on your face NOT scares.

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How old are you? If you are "adult" i.e. probably 20 or older, it's possible that your skin is actually too dry! I never had acne as a teen/preteen but started getting it in my mid-20's (oh great!) I was using all the regular Oxy and stuff from the drug store, but nothing helped. I got a facial as a gift and the cosmetologist actually told me that I needed to use a milder acne treatment (I use neutrogena Multi-Vitamin acne treatment) AND a good moisturizer. She said that my skin was too dry and was trying to repair itself by sending natural oils to the surface - it was resulting in clogged pores and acne. I do still have some breakouts but it's a lot better now.

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Whatever you do, DO NOT get sucked in to buying that MIRACLE CRAP you see advertised on infomercials and the home shopping network. My friend bought it and it did NOTHING for her except to help lighten her wallet. I don't know if she got her money back or anything but don't bother with ANY of those supposed miracle wonder drugs ~ they're only gimmicks ~ those companies are only in it for the money!

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If you are an adult woman, or man, I suppose, it could be hormonally related. I had horrid acne for several years and found it was related to a hormonal imbalance (too much testosterone). I was trying to get pregnant at the time and after I did conceive my face finally settled down and I haven't had too much trouble since then...now, I'm not advocating pregnancy to clear up acne, of course, just mentioning that it can be related to hormones.

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