baby snow sled for Xmas?

pamNovember 28, 2001

Hi...I have been looking for a pull sled/toboggan for a 15 mos. old (my best friend's child). Many of the sleighs are just too expensive. I have heard about something called a baby boggan or toddler boggan for around $20-25, but cannot not locate one. Do any of you parents have any ideas? Thanks!

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I had ordered one online last year, but my dd was too young, so we haven't used it yet. We're planning on using this year, so we'll probably get no snow. Anyway, I recall seeing one at Target for under $20. That was a few weeks ago.

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We got one last year (DS was 6mo) and plan on using it again this year. We ordered it; maybe Natural Baby? or one of those catalogues.

But I'm pretty sure I've seen them at Target for less.

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I had a great toddler sled last year that I got for $10 at Target. My son was 15m last Christmas and it was perfect...I think he will be able to use it this year too.

Try Target ...maybe even Walmart.

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How do these baby/toddler boggons work? I never knew that you could get them- it'd be great to take DS sledding this year, it would be his first time!

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They are sleds with a little more support to keep the child in the seat and upright. There is a tow rope. They don't actually go sledding as in downhill, you pull the child through the snow. The ones that I have seen on-line say that they are good for ages 1-3 or 1-4.


P.S. Thanks for the responses, I am going to try Target this weekend.

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Thanks everyone...Target has a baby boggan for 6-36 mos. for $15.99. It's real cute.


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Keep in mind that many of the toddler sleds don't even have straps on them for safety. I did find one at Target last yr. for my daughter & of course we got 1 whole snow storm. I'm hoping to get more use out of it this yr.

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