Bedtime Wars !!!!!!!

TamaraNovember 20, 2001

My DS is 37 months old, and is having a terrible time of going to sleep! Any suggestions on how you get your little ones to stay in bed & to go to sleep?

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Is he on a schedule or anything? My son is 31 months old now and up until the past couple of weeks he went to bed when I could tell he was ready for it. He would be tired and go right to sleep. These days he's now in bed at 11pm and it's working. For some reason he can be totally awake when I put him to bed and he'll argue but will stay in bed and fall asleep. Could you tell him it's bedtime and that's it and leave and if he gets out of bed keep putting him back until he gets the idea? I think it takes some time to get them to get back into it. It's a stage or something. I think after a few stern talks and you being persistant, your son will get the idea and go to bed. I hope this helps. I hope it makes sense, too, I seem to be rambling a lot tonight! LOL


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I agree that having a routine is important... Having a few things that you do every night before bed will help them get the idea that it's time to settle down. Here's ours:
7:00 Bathtime
7:30 Story time with Daddy
7:45 Bedtime -- I take him to his bed, and either sit and talk to him or read another short story.
He gets a glass of water and his teddy bear. He's pretty good at staying in bed, but if he gets up I just put him back down and tell him goodnight again. For a while there we had to do this several times a night, but being firm and consistent seemed to do the trick.
Hope this helps!

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We had a sleep problem with our almost 3 yr old. Not exactly the same as yours, but every night after 20 minutes in bed he started yelling for us, and then in the middle of the night same thing. It was always like that once in a while, but gradually it became the nighly routine. We always had a bedtime routine.

We tried many things, but this is what worked for us. We put whatever toy seemed to be his favorite on his dresser and before going to bed, said "If you yell and scream for us to come get you, we will take that toy away". Therefore, it was right there by the bed and he had to make the decision himself whether to yell or lose the toy. For each night he did not cry out, we said we were proud of him for being such a big boy as soon as he woke up in the morning. We told him if he does not cry for 1 week we will get him a present.

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