Crystalline Glass (''Mini Crystal'') Countertops

chipshotFebruary 18, 2008

We are trying to decide between Mini Crystal crystalline glass and Caesarstone countertops. While both look good and sound promising, we haven't been able to find any family or friends who have the glass and can comment on how it's working for them. Are any of you familiar with it? I also saw an alternative called "Jade Stone" mentioned ( but haven't been able to dredge up much in the way of information about it.

Apologies if I missed a thread covering this subject. I searched but didn't see anything that jumped out at me as being on-topic.

Here is a link that might be useful: Crystallized Glass

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I haven't seen anything about this before. Have you looked at Bioglass? I've been leaning that direction since Pyrolave is out of the question :D. That's just on the specs, however; I haven't made it over to the showroom to look at the samples yet (but finished major project today--yahoo!).

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This is an interesting material. I hope more people give their input on it.

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Interesting. Thanks for the suggestion. I showed it to DW. She said she prefers a more uniform look.

We found mini crystal at a tile and slab importer named ciot that recently opened in our area. Fantastic stuff, though I wish their website did a better job of showing the material (look at products/slabs/glass).

Care to share info regarding the major project you completed, or was it not house related? LOL

Here is a link that might be useful: ciot

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I think I saw this material last weekend while shopping for thassos marble. I was struck by how uniform and glass like it looks. So I thought it must be extra premium quality thassos.

They said it is a fake thassos where marble dust is mixed with glass/resin and then baked. Very nice finish. It came in 24x24 x3/4 tiles as well as slabs. no idea about pricing.

Seems like it is being produced somewhere in the world and being redistributed under different names (i saw it at two different stores under different names).

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Sorry, Chipshot. Didn't mean to be vague. The project was this massive work deadline thing. Major relief to have it done!

House related: The window film guy is here installing ceramic film on the East and South exposed windows, especially in the studio. When the new kitchen is done (see--on topic!) I'll get at least the slider done as well, but I don't want it to get damaged during construction.

This film is fabulous stuff. It totally adheres, but is water permeable, and cuts most UV, some IR, and some visible, while letting in a lot of visible light. It looks a little like sunglasses for your windows. I have a bunch of faded cookbooks which have been shelved near the slider. Nothing precious, but I think it's a good idea to do something about it since there's no curtain or shade or anything there, and won't be in the new kitchen either.

BTW, the mottled look is part of what I like about the Bioglass. I love knowing that the world is balanced by your DW liking the crystalline better.

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Hoping to get a quote tomorrow so we can make our decision.

"Fake thassos", eh? Sounds like someone was trying to steer or influence you, Pharoah. We had "thassos select" in a previous house. It was very pure white, and our designer said nothing like it is presently available. I imagine it was similar to the "extra premium quality thassos" you mentioned.

We are putting a white quartz countertop in our daughter's bathroom (our son is getting terrazzo), so we won't have to worry about her trashing it. IMO, it looks similar (a bit more sparkly?) than the thassos select. The white crystalline glass is more subtle than the quartz or the white Caesarstone we had originally specified for our kitchen. I'd love to see it with lighting from below or perhaps an edge. I imagine it would positively glow.

I think Pharoah is right about crystalline glass being produced and sold under multiple names. It appears to be coming from either China or India. I inquired about "Jade Stone" and received a prompt reply (always nice) saying they do not have a U.S. distributor yet but are in talks with several. They offered to help us get some for our house, but I think we'll stick with locally-sourced items to keep hassles to a minimum.

Enjoying living in a balanced world.

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I asked our designer about it and he said "ItÂs a very nice material but it comes only in two colors and it is very hard to fabricate  there are always small holes on the edge and people donÂt like it "

Do you know what he means "small holes"? We are going with white caeserstone so I am not looking for any other colors.

I also found it at this site

I am getting the samples. I love the idea of lighting it from below.

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I've been to that website but hadn't thought to order a sample. I think that might give us a better picture of the edge holes than the slabs we've seen at the distributor (unless, of course, they're glossed over). Jade Stone supposedly doesn't suffer from that problem. A perfect material? LOL

We are using Caesarstone Pacific Reflections for our island countertop (Pyrolave proved prohibitively expensive) and are looking for a contrasting color for the perimeter. Which white are you using? If we go with Caesarstone for the perimeter we will use Blizzard.

I should ask our designer about underlighting, even if just to see her reaction. It's probably too late, anyway, as our cabinets are already in production.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jade Stone

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With Caeserstone we plan on going with Blizzard since we have dark cabinets. The back splash is mini glass tile and SS.
Instead of glass tile I was thinking of Glasskote. No grout no problems!

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CCS was a bit reluctant to provide a sample. I told them we'd source from them if they were competitive with our local distributor (who didn't have any samples to share).

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Sample received. Bigger and heavier than I expected. Translucent too. A stunning counterpoint to the Caesarstone Pacific Reflections that will top our island. We're also putting it in our butler's pantry instead of the Summer Sky marble previously planned.

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I was reading this very old thread about crystallized glass counters. I am thinking installing them. Has anyone any experience with them? Do they scratch or chip easily? How do the seams look? What type of edge do you have? Do have polished or honed look? Thanks for any help.


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