How can I help my 2yr old learn to talk?

EscallaNovember 30, 2005

My son has recently turned 2 and doesn't seem to say much. He has the basics like momma, bye-bye, thank you... He also says phrases like: what is this, and where did ? go. I don't know if there is an average and I have never really held my son to any statistics, but I have been told by people(not doctors) that he should be talking more. I don't know how to help him any more than I already do. I talk to him like normal, read to him, and encourage his speech. Is there something I am missing?

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My grandson was a slow talker. By his second birthday, he was even saying less than your son. The Pediatrician refered him to "Child Find". It is a federally mandated program to help children who are behind. He started speech therapy (free), but moved. Before they could get him in a program in their new location, he started speaking. It was like a light switch was turned on. He has new words everyday.
I do know that boys seem to talk later than girls. My SIL was a late talker, so there seems to be some genetic link. I would talk to the doctor. My grandson's Dr. said that he should know about 20 words by the age of 2. Do some searching on line, too. There is lots out there. My grandson is 29 months old. The progress in these last 5 months has been extraordinary. I wouldn't panic, but discussing it with his doctor would give you peace of mind.

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I think there is a way mothers talk to a child that encourages talking......every time you pick him up say "up"....not I am picking you up now" you put his shoes on, say "shoe" not....shall we put your shoes on"....then graduate to "shoe on".....and "shoe off".
He sure should be saying more than that by 24 months. Talking baby talk to a 15 month old actually helps them learn to speak correctly......and once he has learned the basics, you are free to say.."Look! There goes a red car!"....but he needs to learn to say "look! Car!" first.
I have an inlaw's inlaw's child ( got that???LOL!) who is 2 and says almost squeals of delight no giggles. He has been in speech therapy for a couple of months and is now saying things like "down" when prompted.....but is still very quiet!
Once I called someone with a baby a few months old.....and she answered the phone in a hoarse voice. I asked if she had a cold, she said it was the first words she had said that day....because, she said, there is no one hre to talk to but the baby.
Talk to your baby! They thrive on interaction!
Linda C

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I just posted elsewhere that one of the smartest kids I ever knew said virtually nothing until he was past three.
He was alert, watching and listening -- absorbing the world before talking. (He also had a twin sister who did enough talking for the entire Western World.)

Sometimes we are too quick with children. If you say a word and ask him to say it back to you, count silently to ten before giving a questioning look. His brain has to process what he heard and how to mimic the sound.

I just read a book about the difference between boys and girls brains that suggested this trick: Cut pictures of common household items from a magazine. Show the child one picture -- let's say it is a book. Ask him to show you where in your house is something that looks like the picture. Then you can admire him, and name it: Book! Ask him to say it. Hooray! We put the picture up on the refrigerator and try another one.

This is supposed to work in part because it engages the boy in some physical activity -- looking for the matching thing. Boys need to *move*!

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