xmas gift ideas.. traditional vs electonic

bethnorcal9November 16, 2001

help, I am currently xmas shopping for my cousin's kids. One cousin has two girls ages 2 and 4 (or it might be 3 and 5, i have a call in to their grandma to find out for sure), and the other has a boy who turned 1 about a month ago. anyway, i usually have no problems finding really fun presents for the kiddos. James's mom thinks i get him the best toys ( he got this crazy stuffed chicken thing when he was born and it is still his favorite toy:-)). anyway, i was thinking of getting that new LeapFrog Imagination Desk coloring/learning toy for the girls. I'm sure you've all seen the commercial since they have kinda gone nuts on the advertising for these LeapFrog products this year. i picked one out at the electronics store yesterday but, now i'm having second thoughts. there was another thread on here discussing whether parents liked the traditional (blocks, cars, etc) versus high-tech (computerized, electronic) toys. I tend to agree that the traditional toys are better but, i thought this was such a great idea to help them learn their alphabet/numbers, etc. any ideas? would you be happy if your child received this as a xmas present. i also found a neat counting toy for the baby and I am sending him some of those old tupperware animals that you can put together yourself in different forms. his mom and i used to LOVE them when we were little kids. :-)



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I have two girls ages 2 and 4, and the love the Leap frog learning toys. I think it is a wonderful toy that also helps them learn. My girls have also pointed out other things like; Betty Spagetti dolls, polley pocket, and some other one called What's her face.(It is one where they can draw different faces on the doll)My daughters love crafts, so I thought this was a good one that combines two of their favorite things, dolls and crafts.

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the Leap frog pad is awesome!!

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