Too Early to Stop the Thumb Sucking??

Karla_NENovember 26, 2001

My DD turns 1 on Wednesday. She has been sucking her thumb since she was 3 or 4 months old. I am concerned that the longer she does it, the harder the habit is going to be to break. Is it too early to put some of that icky tasting stuff on her thumbs to nip the habit in the bud now? It seems like she always has one of her thumbs in her mouth and I hear these horror stories of kids sucking their thumb in grade school and their teeth being all messed up. My friends little boy is 6, and he still sucks his thumb at times, and his teeth are terrible. I just don't want to wait until she is too independent or old enough that she will resist this. Help! Thanks

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I'd go for it now...It seemed like the older past one my daughter got the more independent she got. I don't want to even think about taking the pacifier away from her now (she'll lbe 2 soon) she walks around saying....I want, I want about everything and when she can't find her Nuk she cries and says "where did it go Nuk". It only gets harder to break bad habits she's so stubborn now. Maybe I'm wrong about the thumb stuff but I don't have any experience with the thumb just the pacifier.

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