Suddenly wants to sleep with parents?

Cara_6November 19, 2002

My son and DIL have two sons, 5 & 3. The 5yr.old started all day kindergarten this past Sept.and seems to enjoy it. For the past two weeks, he's been wanting to go to sleep in his parents bed; and so insistant sometimes, that they wearily let him. Then when he's asleep, carry him into his own room and bed. But, he wakes up in the middle of the night and goes back into his parents bed. They (parents) changed his bedroom to one of their other rooms recently; but I would think that wouldn't bother him. All his things and bed are there. They changed his little brother's room also.

He eats ALOT of salty and sweet snacks. My son asked me for any ideas of how to keep him in his own bed and asleep all night. I suggested that if he eats those snacks too close to bedtime,(I know he eats them after school) it would be bad for sleeping (not to mention health.) Also, he doesn't really eat much food (I know... because of the snacks) so if he's somewhat hungry when he goes to bed, he would wake up in the middle of the night. I suggested a piece of toast or small plain cookie and milk before going to bed...and found out he wont eat bread or drink milk. He only drinks water.!!

I told DS I would ask my friends with small children for advice. The 'food'issue is the only thing I can think of disturbing his sleep. Am I on the right track?

All advice appreciated.

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I wouldnt discount the room move as a factor either. You never know what they get mental about. (my DD would get mysterious hangups and I wouldn't know why, and then one day her 'reasoning' would come out, and I would be amazed. something I didnt think bothered her really did).

What worked with my DD.
1) slight remodel. in my case a fresh coat of paint. I let her pick the color (from a prechosen set of course) LOL and I let her help paint.
2) told her that once she stayed in her room for 7 days (we marked on a calendar) she'd get a surprise, but would only keep the surprise if she remained in her room. At the end of the week, I gave her a hello kitty CD player. She loved it! And when she has the occasional night that she wakes up, she turns on a lullaby CD herself, and goes back to sleep.

In other words, we gave her a little control over her environment in small ways, and she was happy.

The diet needs to be gently changed, too, but wait until he is comfortable in his new room. Don't try to change too much of his life at once.

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Wow, sounds like a lot of changes going on out of his control, school and room change. Those are big in a kids life. Maybe it doesn't seem like it cause he's a trooper, but his actions are speaking pretty loudly.

Maybe giving him some control over bedtime or the room change, like choice of books/blankets/toys or paint color, might help.

Just a thought.


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Thanks guys for your ideas. I appreciate it.

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Food isn't as big of a deal as you seem to think it is. Besides, hunger doesn't usually wake you up; it could be temperature of the room, having to go to the bathroom, etc. Sometimes it's just nothing in particular. A child who is a light sleeper could wake up over a car going by, a thermostatic heater coming on, or a bird smacking into the window. (In the country, I've been awakened by chirping locusts that sound like an alarm clock. )

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I really like TREKaren's advice. Letting him have some control over his life would definetly make him feel more secure. I also like the idea of letting him pick out a paint color, I did the same thing with my DD when she started Preschool and moved to a big girl bed, potty trained etc. Sometimes a little white noise can also help, a fan or humidifier.

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