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raroAugust 28, 2011

Back with another painting question. To recap, I am the poster that is adding coats of paint to adequately cover some floors that started out unfinished mdf. The paint being used was Glidden Professional Concrete Coat (acrylic floor enamel, interior/exterior lo luster fast drying accent tint base). The colors that we naively picked were red, orange, and yellow (horrible coverage). The painter put gray/blue primer down first and then two coats of each color. The yellow one came dingy greenish because yellow plus gray/blue equals green. The orange one was similarly dingy. On the red one he used white caulk on two long joints on the red floor between the two coats and that left long pink lines. With the floors still looking awful he wanted significantly more money to add another coat to each.

So, with your help, I did the extra coats myself. Two coats later they are looking much better but not perfect. The orange one is okay as is. But I need your help on the yellow and the red floors.

The yellow one. This floor could use one more coat overall and the edges, where I cut it in, are still greenish. There is enough paint left to cut in the edges again but not enough to roll the floor again. Should I just cut in the edges again or will that not look right? How do I come out "even"?

The red one. This floor was looking the best except for the pink lines. Last night I cut the edges in and then hit the pink lines in preparation for making a final coat but I was getting low on paint. When I went to get the next can of paint I noticed that it was a different brand (Sherwin Williams Armorseal Tread-Plex Protective and Marine Coatings) but labeled the same SW 6871 Positive Red as the Glidden can. When I looked in that can it seemed to be much more purple red but it was not mixed up. At that point it was too late at night (3 am), I had nothing to stir it with and I was afraid that it would be too different and then I would have to do umpteen coats again to get to a good color. I dipped the wooden handle of a brush in to make a test swatch and once dry it looks pretty similar. Today I see that the lines are no longer pink but now they are now redder than the rest of the floor! What do I do? How do I come out "even"? How do I get rid of the dark red line? Do I stir up the SW and use that for another coat (or two) or is it risky to use another brand paint? Will I need to do several coats? Arghhhh! Please help!!!

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Yellow - buy another can of paint and roll the whole floor.
Red - use the Sherwin Williams.

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