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jennNovember 18, 2001

We're expecting our second grandchild next year. The parents have a 2 year old and they are saying that they realize they won't be able to go out much (to dinner, etc) with both children (a newborn and a toddler) after the baby comes. We're thinking of giving them a "babysitting care package" for Christmas with movie and dinner gift certificates and an offer to babysit at their house at least once a month so they can get out of the house together.

Can you suggest other ideas to include? I'm at a loss and we want to make it meaningful and very useful and helpful.


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One of the best gifts we got was a couple gift certificates to a local pizza place. On those nights when we were just exhausted, ordering pizza was the BEST.

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Along the lines of the pizza place, find other restaurants that deliver and give gift certificates and their carry out menu.

I always wanted housekeeping for a month or so, but never did get it :( Maybe next time. A once a week service, someone to mop the floors, clean the bathrooms. There are various levels of service.

But most of all, I love it when I am sick, or after a new baby, my mom comes and does all my laundry. She did that recently for me. I have 3 kids (that's a lot of laundry) and have had terrible morning sickness with #4 lately. It is more appreciated than I can even put into words! That frees me to spend time with my kids.

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You're wonderful for doing this. I agree for the carry out and delivery places. Maybe a dinner invitation where all the adults go out and you find a reliable sitter for the kids. A day out for Mom alone might be nice too if you could come in and stay with the little ones while Mom meets a girlfriend for lunch and/or shopping.
I know I would be much more at ease leaving Grandma in charge.

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I have a toddler and an infant. We don't have a babysitter and don't really have any relatives to watch our boys, so I think the babysitting thing is really great. Also, the take out/delivery food thing is nice. It depends on how much you want to spend, but you could get them a weekend hotel room, and offer to babysit, too. What a thoughtful idea!

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You are very generous. I love it when my mom comes to watch dd even if I stay home so I can get the cleaning done. I also enjoy working on my photo organization, holiday decorating...things you can't get done with little ones underfoot.
I don't even think you need to spend money...just be available!

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Thanks for your input.

Do you think offering to babysit once a month, at their house, is enough? And if something else comes up on that day that either of us can't cancel (birthday party, etc), then we could wait until the next month or try to reschedule? I don't think it needs to be in cement, I just think if they know they will have a break next month, or in a few weeks, they will feel less stressed out. We want it to be meaningful and helpful to them, without us feeling "locked in" to do something we can't say no to on occasion without appearing unavailable (I work full time and commute a couple hours a day).

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Hi, I think that once a month is perfect..for you, you dont want to burn out-it is quite a committment (sp?) and soo generous of you-for them-it will come just at that time of the month where they REALLY NEED IT-you are wonderful, my mom is my babysitter and it is amazing and great and we are blessed to have her. i made a deal for once a month to go to a movie-what a needed evening.-i would also maybe get her a massage (if she likes them) like once every several months-what a great idea for a mom!! I truly think any idea you come up with will be AMAZING AND APPRECIATED. --katie

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That's the best idea I've ever heard. Both of my daughters grandmothers live right in town and hardly ever watch my daughter. It's so nice to leave her with someone who is related but it seems as if that never happens. Once a month would be fantastic to look forward to. Do you want to take my daughter once a month too...LOL.

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I think your idea so far sounds wonderful.... I would love that kind of thing! Actually, dh's parents do that to an extent for us - they come to visit quite often and babysit overnight so dh and I can go out (or jus stay in *wink*) and not have to worry about getting home at a certain time for the sitter.....
I would love someone to do my laundry or some housework, too, though! It's so hard with a munchkin to care for!

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