Update on 'should I be worrying' post...

TaraWaferNovember 30, 2001

Well, I tried pottytraining DD again yesterday (even though I was frustrated by the day before that... Wednesday). It went great!!!

By the end of the day, DD had peed 8 times in her potty chair. She would toot and say it was poopoo. I knew she had to go, but didn't. She still hasn't gone so we will see how today goes with that (BTW, any ideas on how to help with the pooping in the potty would be appreciated). DD started saying she was a big girl. And she would say "it's fun" after going peepee. So I think we turned a corner. No accidents yet, but I know it will happen.

I am just really happy that she gets that you go potty in the potty chair. No more diapers during the day. I still put a nighttime pull-up on her for bed. And I probably will for some time, but that's fine.

DD is now in these thicker cotton training panties. And she seems to love it. So thanks for your responses! And I know I'll be around with more potty training questions in the future.

Thanks again!!!

-Tara W

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Wow! Good for you! I hope my next one is that easy!

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Woo-hoo!! DD just went poopoo on the potty for the first time! I know you other "parents of toddlers" understand my joy! DD came up to me and said "unh... diaper on." So I knew she had to go poopoo but didn't want to without a diaper. So I got her to sit on her potty chair and then just talked to her. She kept telling herself "it's okay" (which she does when she is scared). And I just hugged her and tried to explain that poopoo doesn't go in the diaper anymore. It goes in the potty chair. And then she went!!! I can't believe it! I am soooo happy.

I especially needed this today because she had a peepee accident this morning. And then was wretched to get to pee on the potty after that, but this totally makes up for that! Even if she has poopoo accidents, I know she knows the feeling of having to go! So this is really great.

Okay, I am done now. :)

-Tara W

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Good luck. I hope it continues to go up hill but it's hard to say. Lots of kids do really good and then turn back to diapers. This is a big step, though!


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Tara, how old is you daughter? I am trying figure out when we should start to attempt to try. I know each child is different.

I am kind of looking for an idea, and what about other peoples children. When did you start to train?


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DD is 28 months old. My friend's daughter is a month older and has now been trained for a month. So I thought I would try.

Things got really bad yesterday. I think between me stressing out and not asking her enough, we ended up having 4 accidents. It was really frustrating. So we decided to do pull ups (instead of cotton training pants). That way we eliminate the huge mess, but she still feels the wetness. It seems to be working.

It was hard for me to go to pull ups because it felt they were too much like diapers. But we are treating them (and calling them) panties. So today has gone much better (except that she wants to play around today, running from the potty chair).

We give her lots to drink (so she has more opportunity to go). And we ask every 15 minutes. If she no, we make her sit every 30 minutes. It seems to be working... We'll see.

-Tara W

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That is wonderful-dont forget to mark this milestone in a journal for her so she can look back at this precious time-good potty stories are adorable-she will be soo proud of herself for being such a big girl...have fun with her!!

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