The 'Naked' Potty Training Stage

AmandaNovember 7, 2001

My 23 month old son has recently started potty training himself. He is doing very well with no accident, that is, as long as he's naked. The problem is, he goes to work with me at a daycare center during the day and he can't run around naked there. He hasn't quite grasped the concept of pulling his pants up and down yet. We have tried pull ups but he pees in them and then tells us he has to go. At home we just keep him naked all the time and he goes on his own every time, no problem. How can we get past the "Naked" stage? What's the next step? Please help.

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My almost 21 month old DD is in the naked potty training stage too! LOL She wants to potty train (all her leading)but she isn't nearly as verbal as my sons were at this age. She can't tell me that she has to go so she just suddenly rips off all her clothes and runs as fast as she can to her potty! Then it is so hard getting clothes back on her. If you figure out how to keep clothes on your DS let me know your secret! :>)

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Why don't you use the cloth training pants? When they potty in them they can feel it, and it gets cold and they don't like the coldness so eventually they don't want to potty in them anymore. You do need to have plenty of extra clothes ready, but this is just a phase and it may take a while but pretty soon they get the hang of it. My niece is in training pants right now, and every time she pees she can definetly tell and does not like the way it feels at all, then comes running to mommy to change her. The concept is to have her running to mommy or the potty before she wets herself. Also they are alot cheaper than buying pull ups, which I did not think they worked very well, especially when they poop and you go to pull them down and everything else comes down too all over the place. These you rinse out and wash them in the washer. Also when I bought the training pants I bought a package of the cute little underware with his favorite cartoons on them and told him when he can learn to use his training pants he can wear his big boy pants. He was very enthusiastic about being a big boy and really wanted to use his big boy pants.

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