Sippy cups to bed

kmscasieNovember 2, 2006

I have a 2 1/2 yr old son. He has been going to bed with a sippy cup since I put him on one. (It was the bottle before). So he has needed to be drinking something to go to sleep.

I tried taking him off the sippy cup all together, but thought maybe it's not the sippy cup being my concern, it's the sippy cup at night. Does anyone have any insight to when a toddler should be cut off from using a sippy cup, or any advice on teaching him to go to sleep on his own?

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I guess there is no way to extract the cup, without tears and fuss.

I saw on tv that show "supernanny" and she uses this technique of getting rid of the dummy. They tie it to a lovely floating balloon and watch it float away into the sky. So the child sees it going, and knows it cant come back.

Perhaps you could dream up some sort of happy way of getting rid of the cup. And then replace the cup with something else, like a new bear to cuddle instead.

It will only take a few nights to get it all working properly. Your child has to learn to put himself to sleep, without a crutch.

Of course I am sure you know about making bedtime a routine, with stories, and kisses, and cuddles, and at the same time every night.

Why do you want to take the cup away ?

And start how you mean to go on, dont relent and give in, this will make further challenges more difficult.

All the best.

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I think the issues are the sippy cup at night as a sleep-aid, as well as his need for it when it's movie time. Blankie, Elmo and "baba"... his essentials. Then he is not hungry for dinner. So I just can't seem to decide if the sippy cup is bad in general.... or if the times I am letting him have them is the issue. As I write this, I find myself answering my own questions. Maybe I should hold off on those two occasions somehow... creatively.

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I don't see the harm as long as it's only water in it. Anything else can rot his teeth.


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My question as well....if it's only water, don't sweat it...
But remind him that when he gets to be a big boy he will drink out of a glass like big kids do....and can't take that to bed with him, but will be able to have it on his night stand or dresser in case he needs a drink ( with very luittle water in it!)
Linda C

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My grandson, age 26 months, always had a sippy cup till about 3 weeks ago. He always had milk in it, but when we switched to water, after about 2 nights, he did not want it any more. We give him a glass of milk before he goes to bed, then he brushes his teeth and knows he can only have water after that. He may take a sip or two, but for the most part, does not want it at all anymore. Now if we can just get him to learn to be put in his bed and not have to stay there till he falls asleep!

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Update! He's going to sleep with no sippy cup now, like a champ! I had a hard couple nights at first, but stood firm. He kept getting up, wanting a drink which I let him have from the fridge, but that was only bad for a couple days. I gave him this stuffed cow and told him he would help him fall asleep. Now he doesn't even pay attention to that cow and sleeps all through the night! Thanks for all the good advice ; )

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