unique Christmas pic ideas for cards?

AmyBNovember 29, 2001

I'm ready to start snapping shots of my 11 month old for Christmas cards. So far, I've come up with putting a big wrapped box with a huge bow on the front where she can sit or stand in it in front of the Christmas tree.

What are some other things I can do to capture a unique, not just standing or sitting in front of the tree, look?

I thought about her sitting on a rocking horse in front of the tree as well.

I need ideas!!

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Just let your child do whatever he or she wants to with the tree. Just start snapping pictures! Some will turn out great and then you can get copies. I have tried this before and I end up loving about 10 of them! Good luck and merry christmas.

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Here are a couple of thoughts...

Have her in a diaper wrapped in lights...
take her to the snow, in front of the fireplace...

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I'd like to suggest taking a picture of the entire family instead of just your daughter for the Christmas cards. It'll mean a whole lot more in the years to come. I was looking through the photo album that my in-laws kept for their kids this weekend. FIL took pictures of the 3 kids and put them in the album every year, but there are no family pictures. It just seems like the missing years without everyone in there. In some cases, those are the only pictures of the family during those years that the relatives and other close friends have.

You can still do a really cute picture with the whole family. Last year was our son's 1st Christmas. We did the basic pose standing in front of the tree. My husband and I wore Santa hats. My son wore reindeer antlers. The picture that we ultimately used for the Christmas cards is priceless. We got lots of compliments on that picture.

This year, we're going to pose in front of either the state capitol or one of the downtown Christmas light displays. If ds cooperates, we are all wearing Santa hats.

A suggested cute pose for daughter only is Baby New Year. Last year we posed ds up in front of the tv while we were watching the ball drop. Ds was nude, but the picture would have looked cute with him in a diaper. We used a beer bottle as a prop, but if you have the fancy bottle of grape juice or something else nonalcoholic, that would look cute also. We emailed the picture out to close family and friends as a New Year Greeting. We put a picture in ds's baby book for posterity.

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I saw a really cute idea in Sunset magazine a few years ago. A woman had cut out huge letters out of colored tag board to spell out.. Merry Christmas- or maybe it was Joy. I'd pick Joy, since it's SO much easier. :) then she snapped a pic of her child holding each letter. (this would work even better with multiple kids)
I believe she took each snapshot, cropped it down to just the child and the letter, reduced it on a copy machine,and lined them up together so it spelled out merry christmas on the front of the card.
I think we may try Joy this year, with DH and I each holding one of the letters ourselves.(since we're part of the family too!) :)

Good luck!

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