My 15 month has figured out the cupboard locks!

wicky24November 16, 2001

Hello. My 15 month son has found out how to open the locks on our cupboards. They are the kind where you have to push down on the latch and then it opens. Does anyone have any different kind of locks that work? Thank you.

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i use the ones that go on the outside and link your two doors together. you have to push down one part to slide it off the other parts. i like them because once ds is in bed, i can take them off and use the doors like a normal person again. my 16mo old pulls at them, but hasn't opened them yet.

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My son figured all of the plastic locks out by 18 months, including the ones mentioned by Adrienne_11. We have moved all of the "bad" things to a few higher cabinets and put a combo lock on that, and pretty much taught him not to go into the others by saying "no, no, you're not supposed to go in there". This way, if he ever goes exploring in the upper cabinets, he'll never get it open, and we have a place that is definately OOB. You can never tell what they are going to do. My son is 3 and my daughter is 16 months. She doesn't bother with the cabs or drawers because we have told her no. He, when he was younger, tried as hard as he could to get into everything. We bought all kinds of child safe locks, and he figured every last one out. He's pretty smart, and likes to explore. But, now, he has a better understanding of what is a no no. It's just when they explore. They may never go in the cabinets and then one day, all of the sudden, there they are, on a step stool, climbing up on the cabinets, pulling out the china. We just know that the chemicals are dangerous, and some other things, that's what we keep locked up. We don't want to find out the hard way that my son found the drano.

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How about those magnetic key locks?

We keep everything that DS can't be in up high; but boy, it can be a pain when he's pulled out every pot, pan, and bag of pretzels!

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We got desperate and tried some unusual things. Plastic clothing hangers worked well when looped over our handles. Another thing was THICK rubber bands. The tension was too much for DS to pull off or pull the doors open.

Good Luck. Oh yes I also left the tupperware door unlocked at all times. Gave the kids a cupboard they could go into.


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