Hey Spike, what was wrong with my post?

Jainie_SNovember 15, 2001

Hey Spike, what was wrong with my post about my son getting biten? This is a big problem, and no names were mentioned, no schools were mentioned, and the topic is relevant to parents of toddlers. What is the deal here? I just posted this and it's gone. Is this what we do when parents reach out to other parents for support?


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It's there now, what happened?

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Jainie, sometimes you have to hit the "reload" button, even if you're coming back after a time away; your computer might be pulling the last verion of the page in its own "cache" (since it recognizes the URL) instead of pulling the freshest copy from Spike's server. (this isn't unique to this site, but is more noticeable since these forums can change to frequently).

This happens most frequently when you've just posted, but it can happen when you post, then go way, and then come back after a bit.

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Thanks, I understand now.

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