What to Use to Seal Bathroom Walls

chipster_2007August 23, 2010

I have just removed wallpaper form a bathroom exposing rough plaster underneath. My plan is to wash residual paste off wall with Dirtex. Patch a few places with drywall compound. Let dry and sand wall with 120 and 180 grit sandpaper. My questions are 1) Is there anything else I need to do to prep walls and 2) should I seal the wall with bullseye 123 (shellac) or and I use Perma White as a primer/sealer and then put on a second coat?

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I would use Gardz because this will lock down any residual wallpaper paste that you may have missed and it will also serve as your primer. Dirtex won't really do anything special to remove the paste I don't think...hot water is really all you need.

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In my bathroom I used mold and mildew resistant KILZ to seal the walls, works great!

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I used Gardz after removing our wallpaper and it worked great. Went right over that with Sherwin Williams paint and it was fine. Just make sure you coat the entire wall with Gardz and not spot touch-ups.
I'm sure the shellac would work, but the gardz is watery thin and goes on easy. A little goes a long way.

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