DeanaNovember 25, 2001

Has anyone ever experienced this problem ... My daugther is 32 mos old. She has never been a good sleeper; however, we did have a good routine going until we recently bought a new house. She loves the house and her room but all night long she wakes up every hour or so rolling around and whining and then of course she wakes up and wants mommy. It seems like her stomach hurts or something but of course she doesn't say. My doctor doesn't seem to think anything is wrong, she just doesn't sleep well. How do I get her to sleep? It's difficult to just let her cry especially since our bedroom is right next to hers. Any suggestions???

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One tip: Make sure she gets a very filling dinner, so grumblies in the tummy won't wake her up.

Also let her pick out something comforting to sleep with - a doll, toy or blankie.

And walk in there one night and check whether it may be too hot or cold. My DD is very hot-natured. I can't dress her in PJ's that are too warm, or she will never be comfortable. And she HATES wearing socks in bed.

You could also try leaving a soft jazz or lullaby CD playing at a very low volume in her room.

Just some ideas. Best of luck, sleepyhead! :-)

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If it's a new house, of if you've done remodeling, she very well could be sick. Carpets and paints give off gases long after they've been installed. When I was in elementary school, they applied rubber strips to the steps, and the glue made me sick in the stomach every day for weeks.

Can you air the house out, or contact a local agency to find out about minimizing the effects? If it's her room that was newly carpeted/painted, maybe she could sleep somewhere else for a while?

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Thanks for the suggestions. We did put brand new carpet in all of the bedrooms and painted before we moved in about 6 months ago. We did let the house air out pretty good.

She is also hot natured and hates to have heavy pajamas on and definitely no socks! I do keep her room fairly warm since she won't wear warm clothes. I'll try cooling that down.

Thanks again for the advice!

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hi there,

we moved in june and we had the same problem with our 2yo, and than we also put her in a bed and that made it harder. i took her to walmart and bought her one of those giant caillou dolls/pillows and made a big deal of it when i got it home how it was only hers for when she went to bed and she could cuddle with it and that sort of stuff this seemed to help, and the only other thing i can tell you is PATIENCE, i know it sucks but eventually she got the hang of things and is now confortable sleeping in the new house. hope this helps GOOD LUCK!!!


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