Food Throwing

Karla_NENovember 15, 2001

My 11 1/2 month old DD has this really *annoying* habit of throwing food on the floor. She eats finger foods and will frequently eat a bite, throw a bite, eat a bite, throw a bite. We tell her "No throw!", try blocking her favored throwing arm (LOL), etc. Any tips from Moms that have been there/done that?? Thanks!!

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DS is 16mo and is still doing that. One of the big dilemmas for us is that he thinks it's great fun b/c the dog runs around to eat everything he's dropped. And I feel heartless gating her out of the kitchen while the rest of us are in there.

I don't really know that there's a way to stop it; it seems to be connected to learning about gravity, and about seeing mom bend over continually. We have just started putting DS's high chair right up along the table, on the side of the tray, not the front. This lets him reach the table, and we're trying to get him to place things he doesn't want (sippy cup, vegetables, whatever) on the table rather than throw them. Mostly we ignore the food/spoons/cups on the floor, and we don't pick them up while he's in the high chair. And we give tons of positive reinforcement for getting things on the table.

In the meantime, if you're over carpet, get a big splat mat or piece of carpet!

Hope that helps a little.

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Getting a splatter mat and ignoring it got my DD through that phase. They really do love seeing mommy pick it up over and over. At that age, if you want a behavior to stop, ignoring it usually helps (if it's not dangerous or something like that).

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i've never seen a kid who did not go through a period of throwing their food on the floor. The splatter mat is a great idea.

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