Updating golden oak cabinets

lucy2141August 19, 2013

Hello everyone I am new to this forum! I am looking for expert opinions on painting golden oak 1987 kitchen cabinets that seem above the builder grade level & worth working with. Hubby says don't paint but I have test doors I am working with in hopes to change his mind.
First trial I used Benjamin Moore oil enamel thinned with penetrol and mineral spirits. Then a Pratt and Lambert Ovation glaze in neutral brown. Results were not good. Paint was too thick and I lost the grain in the oak so glaze had nothing to sink into. PL glaze was suppose to give 30 min prep but didn't come close. Did prep work, sanded well the varnish off then used BM primer and 2 coats enamel paint. Let dry maintaining great patience!
Second trial switched to Sherwin Williams Pro Classic water base acrylic and their Van Dyke brown glaze on back of sample door. Bad results now door looks like a old "barn door". The paint was much thinner so grain comes through but the glaze stained the off white paint and it was very difficult to clean off and not totally clean in all areas. Used mineral spirits but had to work fast.
I am looking for off white cabinets with just highlighting in the grain area. Is this at all possible? There has to be a technique I am missing because you see this done on the web and it is said to be SO easy!

Thanks for your help. Lucy

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It's easy, with the right products.

Start with a wipe-on white stain:

When you are happy with the white, cover it with a clear topcoat.

Apply your glaze to the topcoat.

Change your technique - if you are slathering on the glaze and wiping off you can run out of working time. And, any glaze will "stain" whatever you wipe it onto.

Wipe slightly diluted glaze on thinly with a soft cloth, building up the coats if needed.

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