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michie1November 22, 2004

Has anyone tried the Leapfrog Letter Factory video? I like allot of the Leapfrog products & have a 3 yr old. I hate trying educational videos without a recommendation b/c sometimes they are just boring. Has anyone tried this?


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My son will be three next month. I got him the letter factory video this summer-time. Although son isn't much of a TV watcher, he loves this video. Do you have the Leapfrog fridge magnets that play music? Between the magnets and the video, our son knows all the letters. Plus, he will look at a word, such as Elmo and point to each letter and say, "E - L - Mmmm - O." He is already sounding out all the letters.
I am hoping between his birthday and Christmas, that someone will get him the new word or the number video. (Or, more likely, a gift certificate somewhere that I can use to buy these for him.) If not, then we will be buying those for him after the holidays.
Oh, and the letter factory video isn't annoying. DH and I don't mind listening to it.
Does your local library have a good video or dvd collection? Ours doesn't, but I have checked out a few videos that my son liked that I decided to purchase. On the flip side, when I have bought videos that my son didn't like or outgrew, I donate them to the library. ~ Suzie

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