Another potty training mystery...

CindyOctober 24, 2001

My 2 y/o DS is completely potty trained when it comes to peeing -- he will run to his potty chair and use it, but has never pooped in the chair. But recently (since the birth of DD three weeks ago!) he will not let us change his poopy diaper. He throws the BIGGEST temper fit if we go near him with a dirty diaper. We've tried bribing, trying to get him to want to take a bath, everything. If we leave his diaper off, he will literally hold it in until he has a diaper on... I don't want to fight him, because I know it's an adjustment time for him with the new baby, but keeping him in a poopy diaper for hours just doesn't seem right either. Help! TIA

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I don't have personal experience yet DD is only 6 mos, but do have a friend who was trying to potty train her DD and ran into the same problem...pee pee went into the potty, but poopy sure didn't! One day, her DD 'accidentally' went poopoo in the potty (it all came at the same time) and ever since then, she's not had a problem...maybe this is something you can 'wait out'?

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slyfoxx I know where you're coming from. My littel girl will pee but no poop. Just like you said...she will hold it in. I'm almost thinking she is embarrassed cause if I know she has to poop i'll put her on the potty..and....are you ready for it....she will cover her head with her blanket!!! She hides when she has to go as well. I too am trying not to make a big deal of it but sure is trying somedays!!! I keep waiting for the accidental poop in the potty...I pray for it!!! ~laffs~

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hilarious posts! My grandson, after turning 2.5, refused to poop in the toilet also ; I didnt know where he was and he was in my bathroom sitting on the floor keeping the door from closing completely; it was open an inch. He was embarrassed he'd pooped in his diaper and would only peek out at me.
Very shortly he was totally trained. Loved that blanket over the head story. LOL!

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My daughter (2.5) likes to go in her bedroom in the closet and poop. She will go in the potty if her tummy is hurting but other than that, no poop in the potty. She is even more difficult because when she is at school she will do wonderful all day going on the potty, but when she gets home - forget it. She'd rather go in her pants. Never wants to take the time to go on the potty, and screams and cries when I make her. Of course once she goes peepee in the potty, she's all happy saying, "I did it." She even goes so far as telling me and daddy "good job" when we go on the potty.

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a friend of mine started to read her daughter her favorite book to get her to poop in the potty. Work like a charm. It also made me laugh. Now I know why many adults use this time for some light reading :)

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my niece would poop in the potty - but only after sitting there for ages! her auntie was a favorite companion - lucky me - when we were at family gatherings. personally, i like the I Spy book series for poopy potty times! lol

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My son was very easy to train for some reason, maybe it was the way I did it so I will share with you some of the things I tried. This may sound gross, but he thought it was cool to see that mommy or daddy had pooped, and he wanted to do it to. Not at all times but I would show him how big mommy was when she did it, and make a really big deal out of it and celebrate, we would clap our hands and sing. He thought it was the greatest and wanted to do it, too. When he did it he would get a snack or sometype of reward. Of course he grew out of it and started to do it all on his own. I would show him that even our cat does it too, but in the litter box. I guess it just kind of cought on.

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