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tfitz1006February 10, 2014

Our daughter has moved home after graduating college and we are updating the third floor where she will be living. She selected Revere Pewter for the stairwell and White Dove for trim. For her room she's going with Ballet Slippers and continuing the White Dove for trim. Can you give a suggestion for the other bedroom which is on that floor? It needs re-painting-it's a deep green now. There is also a bathroom with pretty glass tile in many shades of blue from turquoise to dark blue. There we thought we might do all dove grey. Thoughts? Thank you!

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Gray owl (Ben Moore) is a soft gray.

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I would use Revere Pewter thought out. It's a great color and would allow the space to flow better rather than chopping it up with other colors.

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Revere Pewter is so pretty and we could easily use it in the bathroom and the other bedroom. She's set on the pink though for her own space. I forgot to mention that we also have to paint the stairs going up to their floor. What would be a good color to work with the Revere Pewter? Would the Grey Owl work? Currently the stairs are a dark blue, maybe Buxton Blue if memory serves.

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I have Revere Pewter & BM La Paloma Gray, #1551, next to each other and they look together.

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