White Benjamin Moore Exterior Paint

ottertailAugust 17, 2009

Which specific white paint is a good choice for the exterior of a house. The number of swatches is overwhelming. Suggestions?

I considered other colors, but think we might just stick with white.

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Lori A. Sawaya

Just last week the super nice folks at Ben Moore were kind enough to provide me with a list of their best selling interior and exterior colors. I'm dedicating a tab on my new website just to paint brands and colors so I've been collecting some very interesting data lately!

I thought you might like to know the most popular, top selling exterior whites from Ben Moore:

947/OC-95 navajo white
HC-33 montgomery white
OC-17 white dove

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Thanks for the list. Is there one there that you think would be the best choice?

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Lori A. Sawaya

White Dove is pretty. It has a slight warmed up edge to it and its nuance definitely leans a bit grayed which in some lights or shadows could read a little green - so watch out for that.

Navajo White is lovely too, but it's not 'white'. I'd call it a very, pale beige. What to watch out for with Navajo is its going a little 'fleshy' in certain context and certain qualities of light.

Montgomery White is pretty and it's not 'white' either. This one I would classify as a very, pale taupe. Exterior it could read a little cool. In comparison to Navajo it's definitely going to look cooler and grayer.

A crisp just 'white white' to thro in the mix would be Super White.

BenM's Decorator White sees a lot of spin and some people think it's a 'white white'. I don't. I think it's rather grayed to an extent that it almost looks uber pale light blue in some context/exposures. Be that as it may, that's another one you might wanna snag for comparison in your color selection process.

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White Dove looks yellow/creamy to me. It covers terribly too....hardly ever is two coats enough. I agree that Decorator White is blue. Why that color is even called Decorator White has always confused me. To me, a Decorator White should just be bright white with black added to knock down that brightness some. Grahams version of Decorator White is perfect. I don't know what decorators would do with a bluey white. Anyway, don't forget just regular old White. It's like Super White with black added so it's not blinding white.

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Beautiful home.

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I prefer BM Super White. Beautiful home!

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We are finally getting to the project of painting our house. Your suggestions have been so helpful. We are going to use super white on the body of the house, a charcoal grey on the shutters and an accent door color yet to be determined.
I have two questions:

1. Should we paint the portico (see front of house photo above) the trim color instead of the white? I am referring to the triangular section above the front step.

2. What color should we paint the front door? The paint store says red/burgundy doors are passee and they suggested a deep deep purple such as BM wenge' or night shade. There is a similar tone in the brick. Right now the front door is white and the back door on side of house is black.

I appreciate feedback of this or another ideas you have to improve the looks of the house.

Thank you!

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This thread is old but I just wanted to chime in about White Dove in case anyone is still googling this color for exterior. We used this on a white stucco house we're building and we hate it. It changes with the weather and time of day (I know all colors do this) but overall it is *extremely* yellow. We're praying that once the house is finished and landscaped it will look good but we are most likely going to repaint. It does look like white at times and sometimes peach but for the most part an ugly yellowy-beige (we don't see gray which a lot of people have reported). It was such a bad choice for us. Attaching a pic.

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Here's one more looking slightly less yellow. This is how it looks most of the time.

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