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christy2828October 23, 2007

Does anyone else collect these? I've been saving for almost 2 years, and now have 400 points. I've been saving for the Kettrike Brummi tricycle. However it has been "Temporarily Unavailable" for about 3 months. It's so aggravating, and I'm not interested in anything else they have on there. Oh well, I sent them an email, hopefully I'll get a response. Christy :)

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They listed the Kettrike Jumbo today! I got it for 400 points and 12 bucks shipping :) Christy

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Enjoy, it looks like a nice trike.

I love their stuff and would get some for my GS, but they are soooooooooo expensive. My DD would have to have 6 kids to justify the cost, and that ain't gonna happen!

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I was collecting points, but haven't added any in a long time. I really should check the site out again. I was thinking it would be a lot for shipping, so I quick adding them up. Thanks for reminding me to do that.

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I love these pampers gifts to grow points. I cashed my points in for a really cool photo book. I found a site where they post free promotional codes for them, They had three free codes there last time I checked and they work for everyone.

Here is a link that might be useful: free gifts to grow points, coupons, stuff like that

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not sure if they still offer it, but I used my points for 200 free digital prints from shutterfly. Great offer!

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