my kids won't listen! ideas?

cylinceOctober 4, 2007

It doesn';t matter if I say, "Your on time-out", or "Here's a cookie", my toddlers (2 & 3 yrs) will not respond 2 me at all. They r constantly fighting & yelling all day & I have no control over them at all. I try 2 b consistant with them but I just had a baby followed by surgury a week ago & it still hurts 2 sit them down.(cuz they run from me) Any ideas????

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Do you have a tv?

Congrats on the new baby! It was a girl, right? I would bet everything is a little out of wack with the new baby being at home, etc. I know you have a lot on your plate, so I would try to take it easy for a while. Can you separate the kids? And, really, a little extra tv viewing at this time probably wouldn't hurt them. I'm sure you're stressed and tired enough. Try to give each child some time alone with you and lots of hugs so they know they are still special too. Sometimes they may just be acting up because they are jealous of the new one and want your attention. Stay calm and good luck!

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Cylince, are you back with your abusive husband? What happened to your 10 year old son? Is he with you? Are you at your moms'?
Things have got to be very difficult with you and your husband....or is now a soon to be ex?
Somehow you need to take charge of your life. Have you a sister? Brother?....good friend? that will help while you get your strength back?

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Your 2 and 3 year olds need a lot of structure and consistency. You sound like you are home most of the day, so your schedule should be easy to maintain. Start their morning off with breakfast and a little morning TV like Dora, or Blue's Clues. Then plan a morning activity outside, weather pemitting or inside. Inside ideas- pull out several puzzles, musical instruments, legos etc. Only pull out one at a time . Too many toys scattered gets very distracting for this age group and they will not play with the toys. Also, at this age they love housekeeping. Let them sweep with a child size broom, hand them a towel to clean tables,etc. Let them have play time until about 10:30. Then offer them a mornning snack in your kitchen,sitting down not running around. After snack pull out another toy unless they are still involved with the first toys. At this time you should start fixing their lunch. Serve lunch around 11:30. After lunch - story time and nap time!!They need to nap at this age!!Your children should get 12-14 hours of sleep a day. So hopefully they should take at least a two hour nap.Structure your afternoon time in a similar manner. Try to get them outside every day.The fresh air is wonderful for them. You will make your life a lot easier by making a schedule for your children. LOL!!

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Agreed. Routine Routine Routine. And at 2, I was unsuccessful with timeouts for DD, but what DID work was putting her most favorite toy at the time in the top of the closet. I made it clear that "Elmo is in timeout because you did XXX".

I only had to do it two or three times against a particular behavior, to nip it in the bud.

Usually an afternoon of the toy being in timeout was sufficient.

And when I returned the toy, I reminded her why Elmo was put away, just to help it hit home.

ALSO at that age, I tended to focus on one bad behavior at a time. I would have to ignore a few others, to attack the worst. But it's key to focus since their attention span to multiple things isn't really developed yet.

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The secret to getting your child to listen isnÂt punishment.

Here is a link that might be useful: Get kids to listen

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