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sehraOctober 24, 2006

Yes I know, another potty post! I thought it would be great to start a post where everyone can offer some advice or tips about potty training.

My daughter is 28 months; she does not tell me she has to use the toilet, but loves to take off her diaper and sit on the toilet, and has no problem doing pee or having a BM. She wants to wear underwear, so we are going to switch her to underwear this week. So how often do I take her to the toilet? do I wait for her to tell me? Any good stain removal tips ;o)

Any advice would be appreciated :o)

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So, is she actually sitting on the potty and going? If so then yes, she would be ready for underwear with a few restrictions. First start out with the old fashioned "training pants", the thick white cotton pants. Designate a couple of days or a week-end when you can stay home. Offer plenty of water and fluids and let her run around in the training pants only. Take her to the potty about every half hour. Ask her if she needs to go potty,even if she says no,take her anyways. Have a special little basket filled with toys. Only let her play with that basket while sitting on the potty. Then if she actually goes let her pick out a treat,ie, m&m's or a sticker. Praise, praise,praise!! If nothing happens then encourage her and say maybe next time. When she demonstrates going by herself or always telling you first with out accidents, then she is ready for"Big Girl" panties. She can pick them out with you. The fancy type. The fancy panties are actually your leveridge to encourage her success. If she starts having a lot of accidents,then tell her she will have to wear her training pants again. She will most likely be in a diaper at night until 3yrs or older.

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When my daughter was at that stage, she was happy to go in the potty, as I gave her a small treat to eat.

She quickly graduated to the toilet, and then the potty went bye byes.

When we went to the shops, I went straight to the toilet so she could go. She just had normal underpants on.

I was worried the whole time, but I usually made the trips short, so she could just get into the habit of going out, and dealing with public toilets. I made it a bit of a game, and we had a lovely happy time when we got home, and celebrated the toilet acheivement.

I always felt that I would start out how I meant to go on. So nappy off (diaper), it was gone, even at night. Didnt have many accidents at night. She just woke up if she wanted to go.

We did the toilet training in the summer, so she could wander around without a nappy, and leap on the potty at a moments notice.

Its all fun...I even wrote a story book, and illustrated it. Then I would read it to her. It was a lot of fun.

I have happy memories of potty training.

Have fun.

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My daughter is 31 months and is almost completely potty trained. I can't wait for the diapers to be gone. She started to show signs of being ready around 18 or 19 months. I let her wear regular panties during the day just before she turned 2 and now she only has a diaper at bedtime. She naps in panties as well, with no accidents. So I think that she will be ready soon to sleep through the night with out a diaper.

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My son's Potty Time book is his favorite, like all kids he loves repetition, sometimes we'd read that book 10 times in a row before he'd be ready to move on to something else else. A few weeks ago he told me that he wanted to wear "big undies" just like the boy in his book. Remebering what my Grandma said "once you start, you can't go back, no matter how messy it gets", I let him spend the day in his big undies. He only had one accident, and 3 weeks later I can only count a handle full of times that he's had a potty accident, including at night and at naptime.

Now poopy is a totally different story. I've timed him, and it seems a few minutes after eating luch is his "regular" time. I can set him on the potty and we'll read books or play with cars, and he refuses to go. For some reason the little man will not go poopy on the potty chair. I've even stopped caling it a potty chair thinking that maybe he was taking it literally, now it's the "Big Boy Toilet". I guess patience and perseverance will win out. I know he's not going to graduate from college without being properly toilet trained!

BTW - At this point I refuse to be like my mother and resort to bribery, but I must admit she convinced both of my daughters in one weekend to use the potty with a pack of Juicy Fruit!!!

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Our daughter seemed to do great wanting to go on the potty and wore pull ups but then she would wet the pull ups. Our daycare worker told me to go ahead and put her in underwear and they almost always stay dry after 2 or 3 days and it worked immediately.

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