1st real bike for daughter???

uspresidiotOctober 14, 2006

I am not sure which size to get, she is about 41 inches and will be 5 in January. She has one of those plastic trikes, but i want to get her a real bike with training wheels. Do i get her the 16 inch or the 20 inch. I dont want to take ehr to try them I want it to be a surprise.


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Measure how low the seat will go. You want her to be able to touch the ground while sitting for a first bike.
A bigger bike will last her longer, so if the seat goes low enough, the 20 inch would be better.
My grand kids started with 20 inch bikes at about 5 or 6...but I have no idea how tall they were.
Linda C

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My suggestion is...don't get the bike so big that so she'll "Grow into it and we won't have to get her another bike". Made that mistake. Because it is bigger she'll have a harder time riding, Go With Lindac...her feet MUST touch the ground at the lowest level of the bike. I'm thinking 16" may be it, but I could be wrong. The best test is to take her to the store, try her on the bikes, Make sure that seat is at it's lowest, if her feet COMFORTABLE touch the ground (NOT ON TIPPIE TOES), then go for it. If not, get the next size down. You will not waste money buying two bikes because she won't ride what she isn't comfortable riding, and she'll want those training wheels off sooner rather than later. Besides bikes are tippy with training wheels on (they're suppose to be, they're training wheels, not keep the bike steady wheels!!!), so she has to get on by herself comfortably, get off without too much fear of falling (the fear will be there, but if her feet can touch the ground quickly, the fall will be less stressful), she will keep it up much longer. Remember too, these bikes will take longer to learn to ride, it won't be a jump on and go...if you peddle backwards, they stop. This will be frustrating for both of you at first. That's just one of the transitions from trike to bike.


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