anyone try to up the gpm on their grohe?

tricia257February 2, 2013

I am trying to choose between the grohe brookfield pull down faucet and a danze opulence faucet.

Almost all faucets have a flow rate of 2.2 gal per minute. The grohe is 1.5 gpm (no doubt due to some EU regulation).

I have heard that there are ways to increase the flow of the faucet. Does anyone know about this.

I hesitate to get the grohe if I can't get a good powerful spray or fill a big pot in the time I'm used to.

Any information is appreciated!

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Sophie Wheeler

Don't knock it until you've tried it. It's more than enough to wash your veggies. And it really isn't appreciably longer to wait on the pasta pot to fill. A couple of seconds.

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I have a grohe faucet and would also like to know if there's an answer to your question!

I LOVE my faucet and have gotten used to the flow rate. I like that when I turn it on the water doesn't splash everywhere. BUT my husband hates it. He is not used to it at all and would like to up the flow rate a bit.

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Hi Chitown-
I know my dad had a plumber up the flow rate in his girlfriends grohe. I talked to him tonight and he said that there is something in the faucet that you replace and then the gpm is the standard 2.2 gpm.

I think the slower flow may drive me nuts. If I want to use the spray to power wash I dirty plate, I think I would be annoyed that hey went out of their way to make the faucet less effective.Especially grohe's aren't cheap and now to pay a plumber to "fix" it right away. I wish I didn't like the way it looks so much.

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Found this online. Instructions for removing the limiter.

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