Potty training

fdg8276October 24, 2005

My son is 3 years old. He is currently pee pee trained. I am having trouble with pooping. He had no problem in the beginning with him sitting on the toilet. He actually started peeing that way. He has never gone poop in the toilet but now he won't even sit on the toilet. He will show that he needs to go but will scream if you try to sit him on the toilet. He will actually suppress it till night time when I put the pull up on at bedtime and 5 minutes later I have to change him. He went from 3 to 4 times a day to maybe once a day. They have gotten hard because he is holding them back. Does anyone have any suggestions to get him to go in the toilet? Possible health issues are starting to concern me.

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Have you tried bribes? It doesn't have to be food. My boys got a "treasure" from the treasure bag for pooping on the potty. We had various treasures like Chinese yoyo's, rings, ring pops, pixy sticks, magic markers, etc. Or we had varios other rewards like going to the park or doing a craft project.

Someone I know has a child with constipation problems. The peditrician prescribed Milk of Magnesia. Check with your doctor, you might try getting your child on a schedule by using a mild laxative. If you could him to start using the potty, you could discontinue the laxative since his problem is self induced.

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My little boy started using the potty at 2 years just number 1, we were so happy, then about 2 months down tne road he was still going #2 in is pants. He new what he was doing he would go in a corner poop and then tell me to change him. My husband who is the strict one decided on taking away all of his spiderman toys, when he went #2 he would get one back. His favorite was his spiderman shoes oh was he mad, it took 2 days and he has never had an accident again, I am also a firm beliver that pull-ups are a joke, I mean they are ok if out and about but what is the diffrence between diapers and pull-ups, do it the old fashion way buy the underware, let them pick out some cool ones.

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