Entertaining 15 month old boys

lonestarladyOctober 18, 2005

I care for my little twin grandsons during the day, and I'd like suggestions as to what to do to entertain them. They are busy, busy little fellows....wanting to climb the stairs, the couch, the hearth (all of which I've child-proofed as good as possible!)....so obviously I need something to distract them that will also be fun for them. We play ball, read, play with other age appropriate toys, as well as household items that are safe. We watch the occasional Baby Einstein video. My yard is not fenced, and they are the 'divide and conquer' types, so other than their swings, I don't take them out when I'm alone with them because they are all over the place! I want this to be a fun experience for them, and me as well. So any ideas, your own routines, and suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated.

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Double strollers are great for going places or even walking around the neighborhood. My three kids were all born within a 3.5 year span. I still use the stroller all the time (even for the 5 yo). I find it makes a nice restraint for a while too. You can have one child strapped in while you are chasing the other at the park. (Been there, done that. ;-))

We have climbers here too. I try to keep the fun stuff off the tops of the tv and fridge to reduce temptation.

You could probably start including them in things like baking cookies, making playdough, etc. We do a lot of coloring and simple crafting around here. Finger painting might be fun if you can do it in the bathtub or outside. You can rent some fun "active" videos that are fun and you can copy the activities at home. For instance, The Wiggles have hand and dance motions with some songs. Even though it is a video, you aren't exactly a couch potato if you're participating. Same goes for Barney and other kids videos. Sometimes, we play kid cds and sing as loud as we can or have our own band.

As I'm sure you already know, the kids are almost to an age where you can start doing more with them and that will be fun. Also, they are at a point where they will start learning expected behavior and you can get them out of the house more.

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Boys need to run...run, run, run.. They have a lot of energy and will eventually get frusterated, fidgety, and ill-behaved if you don't let them use their energy. Get a fence in your yard and let them outside!

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