Does your son put his hand down your shirt, too?

nik1980October 9, 2009

My 18 mo old son is doing this constantly since I weened him from breast feeding. I only stop just a couple of months ago, and now whenever he's near me, tired, or upset, he puts his little hand down my shirt and holds my you-know-what. When I talk with other women about this issue, surprisingly their sons have done or are doing the same thing. I guess this is common?

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My kids did it too. The only child who doesn't was weened earlier than the other two. The two others were weened at 13/14 months. They still like a lot of skin contact.

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yep mine did it too,dont worry about it ,it will soon pass

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Awww. My son is 13 months, and he is still nursing at night and sometimes during the day, mostly for comfort and naptime. When he wants to nurse or wants "mama," he will start pulling my shirt up from the bottom and reaching under. He does all kinds of funny things recently, though. He loves to have both breasts out at the same time, and he will nurse one and play with the other. He also loves to switch back and forth quickly. He gets sorta pissy about it, too, if I try to stop him from pinching or whatever, like my boobs are HIS territory, and he doesn't want me interfering, LOL!

Anyway, I certainly hope this behavior won't continue for very long after weaning. I expect it won't.

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I think it is normal for a toddler who was breast fed. It will pass soon enough and it will produce happy memories for both of you.

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