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junkjonAugust 31, 2011

WE have garage doors that get a tremendous amount of sun and therefore fade quickly. We lieve in CT so temps get cold and we get rain and snow. Our painter didn t seem to know much about UV resistant paint but recommended oil based. Any ideas/thoughts would be apppreciated.

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Hi there from Fargo, ND!

(voted America's toughest weather-city earlier this year, during that Weather-Channel "Tournament!...)

ALL paint is resistant to UV....BECAUSE it's a solid film.
ALL paints get degraded by UV too. It's a vicious circle.

DON'T even THINK about Oil.
* Light colors will yellow, and Oils get more brittle over time.
* You'd be shootin' yourself in the foot using an Oil.
* I wouldn't let a customer of mine use an Oil there.
* Fade is largely a function of COLOR first, paint quality 2nd.
* Deep Reds, Yellows, Blues, & Magenta's suffer first. These aren't "Earth-based Mineral" colorants, and are artificially created.
* Browns, Tans, Black, Brick-Reds, Umbers, Olives, Yellow-Oxided-based colors ARE Mineral-pigment based, so are much more UV-stable....FOR A LONGER TIME.

The KEY is buying the best paint you can afford.
Simple as that.
Top-grade paints (100% Acrylics) literally use better ingredients/resins/pigments/low-level additives, etc.

Good paints start at about $25/gal. these days...on up to $100+/gal. for FPE. You're in the NE, so you should know about FPE, based in Woodstock, VT!

>>> Use a good exterior Semi-gloss!!
Prep well too. Cleaned with a good ext. siding cleaner, rinsed well, and dry of course, and scuff-sanded if there's a sheen to your existing paint.


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