Not growing much ?

chrisOctober 2, 2001

We were at the Dr.'s yesterday for DS's 18 month well-visit.

He was born at 8lbs. 11 oz and for the first 6 months he grew like a weed, since that he has slowed down. At the last 2 visits (12mo, 15 mo) his growth was not much, and now at his 18 month, he's only gained 10 oz since the last visit. His next well-visit is not until 24 months - the doctor almost had me schedule an appointment between then to check his weight. The thing is he eats well, and seems to be growing out of clothes and shoes.

Anyone had an experience like this? did they have large growth spurt and catch up?

Otherwise he is fine...he's got a very large vocabulary - the Dr was impressed with. And his physical abilities are almost that of a two year old (ei: he runs and climbs, but doesn't jump)

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Now I'm not a Doctor but I wouldn't worry too much about it. He sounds very active...maybe he's wearing off what he's eating. Maybe he just has a high I'd kill for right now...~laffs~ I don't have much faith in our healthcare systems and my little one doesn't go unless she's sick. I'd prefer to take her to a naturopath anyway. I'm trying to remember but if memory serves I think mine kinda petered off around that age. Gosh I couldn't tell you how much she weighed 'cept at birth and the few times she's ever been to a doctors office I took her in and weighed her. Definately keep an eye on him but I'd say if he's eating good and is active and happy...he's probably fine. My oldest sister was a really fussy eater and she really couldn't afford to lose weight....even now. Well Mom fed her bread and milk...~laffs~ Sounds like something right out of an old prison movie but the doctor told Mom if she's happy and active....she'll come around when she gets hungry....and she did....~smiles~

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I'm not a doctor, either, but my kids fall into this pattern, too. The first two were average at birth, then 90 - 95th percentile for 4 - 6 months, then gradually came back to average. My third (now 18 months) was big at birth (9 lbs), off the charts for 6 months and now is still tall, but not much over average in weight. All three seem to grow in spurts, with periods in between where they seem to stay the same for months.

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2 of my 3 were like this. My daughter is 15 months old and everytime we have had a check up we've had to go back for a follow up to re-check her weight. And we had to do the same with my first daughter. They both eat good, they're active, everything is fine. My son on the other hand is off the charts (the other way) he grows and gains so much... I think that as long as you know that you son is eating, active, healthy, you should feel comfortable.

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I'm not a Dr. either - however, our Pediatrician has often told us that physicians no longer want your child to be a "Gerber" baby - they prefer babies on a "leaner" side. Obesity has become a problem in our society & people often confuse chubby babies as being healthy babies & lean babies as being under nurished - this isn't often the case. My first son was always off the charts for height & weight - my second son has been right around the 50 percentile for both - a little under for weight. Each child is different & as long as he is progressing & the Dr. is monitoring his progress at his check ups I wouldn't try to worry - I know that is easier said then done.

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Your story is exactly like ours. Our son was 8 lbs 11 oz at birth, grew really fast until about 6-8 mos. Then, he was crawling, started walking @ 10 mos and didn't gain any weight between 9-12 mos (grew taller, head got bigger, outgrew shoes, though). Ate a huge variety of foods, was a snacker - ate several small meals through the day. Was and is still is VERY active (most people usually call him "busy" - LOL!). We had to take him in @ 15 mos for a weight check - gained a pound. Kept growing taller, bigger head, growing out of shoes, but stayed lean. He is now 2 1/2, and is 50 percentile for weight & height. Our second son is kind of the same, was 10 lbs 4 oz at birth, was almost 20 lbs at 6 mos appt, but now is only 21 lbs @ 9 mos (but 30" tall). Growing head, getting taller, but thinning out. He is also very active, crawling since about 6 mos and now walking on furniture. He also eats several small meals throughout the day. Neither of my kids ever drank more than 6 oz of formula in a sitting - they just drank about 6 bottles a day - maybe they have small tummy's??? Anyway, our dr. tells us not to worry, but of course, we feel the same way you do. We always think they are not eating enough, we offer food/snacks all the time - but our toddler just eats when he wants to. Good luck!

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