Study on Potty training has found....

nadastimerOctober 10, 2002

A new study says that on average, it's an 8- to 10-month process, whether mom's home during the day or not.

So we're not all failures if it's taking more than a week or month to get the kid fully potty trained. I'm a SAHM and we're on month #6. DS (3) finally decided within the past two months that peeing in the potty is a good thing. Only had a couple accidents and it's been nearly 3 weeks since the last one! I'm proud of him!


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We were at 95% for about 9 months. And that was even being in school with a kiddy potty right there in the room, watching all her peers wearing big-kid pants.

I think it's not child intelligence or parenting skills. I think even if those are above average, if the bladder ain't ready it ain't ready.

(don't even get me started on #2)

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we tried a couple of times to train dd, now 3yo. we finally gave up becuase the doc said that until they are 3yo they really don't understand what the sensations are and quite often there bladder muscles just arn't devoloped. and sure enouph just before her 3rd bday she decided she needed to use the potty. now 3 months later she is fully trained even at night. my ds we will leave till he is 3 as well. i get really frustrated with people who need to tell you that there kids were potty trained by 1yo. i have visions of this baby crawling up on the potty. just my 2cents though


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My mother says that my aunt claimed that my cousin (her daughter) was potty trained at age one. My mother always said it was my *aunt* who was trained!

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Yes, I've heard family stories, too, about kids being trained at a year or 18 months. Like my Gram said my one great aunt had her kids all trained by 13 months but we're talking she was nasty with them! She would make them wear wet or dirty pants for hours to teach them it was bad and they got spanked with a paddle for going and punished in other ways. Like a kid that age can really understand the concept and everything?

I wanted DS potty trained early but it just didn't happen...he wouldn't cooperate and the more we yelled at him for going in his pants the more he resisited. He's been potty-trained fully (well during the day. Some nights he doesn't wet a pull-up and others he does a lot! It's not because he has a pull-up on either cause he'll get out of bed in the morning and have one on and still go to the potty just fine) for about 5 months now. I know kids older than him that are still working on it and parents who haven't even tried really. So I guess where he is is better than where he could be.


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My kids were trained by 18 months....boy and girl. The difference is cloth diapers. Kids know when they have wet when it runs down their leg.....and it's very easy to tell them "next time, why don't we do that in the tiolet like a big girl/boy"....I know parents now don't believe it can happen, but without the superabsorbant disposables, it's uncomfortable to be wet.....not that I would leave a child in a wet diaper....but they know when they pee into their shoes! And are much more aware of the "situation".
I have 2 grand children who were trained about 2....momma used cloth diapers, but went back to work with the 3rd and 4th and used disposables....
Linda C

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Linda, when my daughter was potty training, I had her in big girl pants, not pullups or diapers. And she could care LESS that she peed or pooped. It was unreal!

I had always heard philosophies like yours, and hoped the feeling of it would deter it from happening, but in my case it didn't.

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My first was self initiated at 18 months. He's an above average smarty farty, and has always wanted to "mimic" older peoples behavior. But, he wet the bed until he turned 10.
My second was completely trained on his initiative too, a few months before his 3rd birthday. But, he was day and night trained immediately when HE decided it was time. I think in the last 3 years, he's had a total of 6 or so "accidental" not get to the potty in times or night wetting.

Now, my 3rd, wants to dress himself, likes to remove his diaper, and hides to poop...and wakes up nearly 4-5 nights a week dry. But refuses to use the potty, unless he's in the tub and needs to poop...
He will be 3 the middle of May. I figure it will be soon. He's pretty much physically ready..just isn't emotionally ready.

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I've heard the bit about using cloth diapers, but I remember when babies regularly wore cloth diapers, and they didn't seem to potty train any earlier than the babies of today, many of whom wear disposables. Look in old baby care books, and they generally suggest three years old as an average age for potty training, which seems about what it is today.

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My DD was potty trained at 18 months. We bought her a potty and took her every time we went. She then came to get me when she wanted to go. We gave her a sticker and a treat which inspired her even more!! We never made her stay on the potty until she went or made a big deal out of it, but we were consistent in taking her.

My DS was 2 when he was trained and he liked to play sink the boat. (A piece of toilet paper that I would put in the bowl for him to pee on!) It worked.

Each child responds differently and in their own time. I certainly would initiate the training, but not get overly concerned at this stage. Parents have minimal control over what goes in and not control over what comes out!!

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