Vitamins-When to give?

Linda352October 23, 2002

I am a grandmother but as a mother always gave my girls their vitamins after breakfast. My DD claims that her pediatrician told her to give vitamins after dinner. Would like to know from Moms what they do and your reasoning as to why? I always thought taking vitamins in the evening could disrupt their sleep. TIA......

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I give them their vitamins when they are in the bathtub. It was just easier to add it into the routine at that time, since we routinely have to do other medications, lotions etc at that time for my son. I figure it is far better to give vitamins, no matter what time of day, than to forget. Mornings are so hectic at our house (even with my staying home), I don't think I could add another thing to my routine in the morning. I have never seen my kids have problems with getting their vitamins at night.

It is amazing how times change and thoughts and current accepted practices change from one generation to another.

My mother, many times, questions what I do because she too did it differently. Yet, I'm just doing what dr. suggested or books suggested or friends of mine do.

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