toneal74October 7, 2008

Is it neglect when a babysitter leaves a child with another person without the parents permission? I found out the girl who babysat for me just this one time told someone she was going to drop my 18 month old son off with him without asking permission or even mentioning it at all to me.

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Well, if a babysitter had done that with my child, earthquake monitors on the other side of the world would have picked up my rumblings. Totally unacceptable. If this is her attitude, I certainly would not ever hire her again for fear that she might pull this stunt again, and I'd let all my friends know that this is her idea of what is OK.
If she had other commitments then the only recourse for her would be to tell you, "I'm sorry, I can't babysit on Xday, but I have a friend who is available" and let you meet the friend and come to your own decision as to his suitability or not.

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I don't think that would be considered 'neglect' if that is your main question.

She sounds immature and irresponsible, but so do you for allowing someone to babysit that would do that. It's your child; make sure you know and trust who is babysitting your child.

Real 'neglect' will usually fall back to the parent, not some immature babysitter. There was an incident where some girls were supposed to be watching a toddler... well, they didn't well enough and the toddler fell in a swimming pool and died. I believe the parents of the toddler were the ones that got in trouble, not the babysitters. Just something to think about when picking out a babysitter and pointing the finger about neglect.

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