Babysitting prices, please help!

bianca2006September 16, 2006


I would also like to ask a question.

If I want to babysit in my apartment complex on for 3 hrs. a day. Would I charge hourly?

I am trying to start an after school care for children, for parents moms that just want a break, alone time, or need to run errands.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


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Are you going to do this in your apartment? If so, then you better check with management. If you are management or are working in conjunction with management to offer this to the apartment complex, and the kids will be in the clubhouse or some other central location, then I think I'd charge by the day minimum. Otherwise, you might need 4 workers for one hour according to daycare laws, and then need 1 for the other 2. It'd be easier to schedule the appropriate amount of workers if you charged by the day, and you made them sign up and pay for the days by a certain day each month. Any other way, and it could become a nightmare. Of course, I don't know what the childcare laws are in your state, so they might not be very strict, but usually states have some very detailed laws covering childcare.

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It would be best to check with your DHS to find out what you need to do to get licensed in your state. It is very important to get licensed when caring for other people's children. In case of injury insurance will not cover if you are not licensed. In my state it is a law.

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