potty training, again

merj13September 13, 2002

Can I drag this subject up again, please?

My DS is almost 3, stays dry all night, and knows when he has to go, but will not tell me. He will completely saturate a diaper and tell me it's not wet so he won't have to get changed.

He pooped in the potty three months ago and got rewarded, hugged, and praised, and was excited to flush it down. But since then? Nada! He will not get near the potty.

We (husband, self, and DD who is 5) have tried taking him to the potty with us. DH is even sitting to show him that procedure. I've tried having him sit on the potty for 15 minutes every hour. This gets real tedious, and has produced no results.

I think he's just flat being stubborn, and it's driving me nuts.

He does have an issue with being naked. He bee-lines out of the bathtub looking for a diaper. I was hoping the summer would teach him the joys of nakedness (that most boys seem to develop naturally). No luck.

So what do you suggest for someone who is perfectly capable, but just does not want to?



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I know you want this over with, but almost 3 is not past some deadline. With DD and all her friends, the magic moment of 100% trained has hit at various times. And in all the cases, it had to do with age-type maturity, and bladder maturity. They just seemed to all finally get the hang of it overnight. I can tell you, DD was 95% trained for about 6 months (the longest months of my life, because that 5% is a killer!) Then she was just 100% overnight. Boom. That was it.

The poopy part is really mental. Kids have weird hang-ups. Took me a while to figure out that at school they had white potties, and in our 1970's house, our potties are beige/brown. She had a problem with brown potties! So we took her out to buy a little, white padded insert, which she got to pick out herself, and that helped.

THEN, she saw mommy poop with the fan on, and wanted to have the fan on, too. Ok, that worked UNTIL we were on vacation in a hotel with no FAN in the bathroom!!! That weekend was a nightmare!

Keep him talking. See what his 'hangups' might be. You already know one is nakedness, but maybe it is something else. Keep conversing with him and see if you can find out if he has something on his mind, like my DD did with the beige toilets LOL. They are sometimes mysterious and get something in their heads that grownups would never consider!

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I agree that almost 3 doesn't mean anything. DS started potty training right before his 3rd b-day in April. He's been pooping in the potty since then...never had an accident yet and no fights about it. The peeing on the potty has been a different story. Some days he's great, others not. It's been a juggle back and forth between pull-ups and underwear. For a while he just would not pee in the potty at all so pull-ups were a must. He's recently gotten back into underwear all day. One night I was so tired that I fell asleep and he was laying in our bed watching cartoons and slept with us. It wasn't until morning...late morning when he decided to get up that I noticed he still had underwear on and had not wet the bed at all. I thought it was a sign..but he's been peeing every night since like crazy in a pull-up. He also decided on Friday that he was too busy to stop and go the bathroom and peed his pants at the mall! Thank goodness we were on tile and next to the store my Mom works at so I dashed for paper towels. It's a different story every day with the potty training, I'm finding. I have read enough to know that you can't force them or they won't do it, either. So don't fight with your son. He'll start soon enough and when he's ready.

TREKaren, I'm sure hoping I'll get to that day when he's suddenly potty trained over night!

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He will! Let me tell you about a friend of mine. Her DD is 4 1/2. She is potty trained, but according to the mom, she still has accidents at night, about 1 time a week. I said, "Well, I assume you limit bed-time beverages, right?"

She said, "No, we can't. We got her off the bedtime bottle with a bedtime drink out of a big cup, and so we simply can't take that away, too."

I just fought the urge to say something, and just counted my blessings that I don't have to launder soiled sheets 4 times a month.

Is it just me, or is that over the top?

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Not meaning to sound dumb but I bet our problem is that DS thinks he needs a drink before he'll go to bed...For a long time if he didn't have a drink to grab in the night, he was up bawling for a drink. Now I've noticed lately that he doesn't touch his drink most nights. I'm going to make sure I forget it more often.;-) It's dear daddy that I have to break of the habit of getting it, though....IF DS doesn't need it and I tell my fiance' that it will stop needing pull-ups, he'll stop. Hopefully! LOL

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We had the same problem! DD would tell DH that she was hungry/thirsty/etc.

Finally, I told her, if it can't be had in a dixie up from the bathroom, it can't be had. (because especially in the winter, they do get dry scratchy throats, but a dixie up should be enough). The next day I caught DH at 10 pm fixing DD waffles and OJ!!! So I put Daddy in timeout for breaking the dixie cup rule. Neither one asked again for anything at bedtime!

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