dcarch & others...Looking for easy fruit sauce

caminncNovember 10, 2012

I am looking for a fairly easy sauce that I can drizzle over or under these fruit skewers just for an added kick.

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A good quality balsamic vinegar would be lovely....or a raspberry coulis...puree raspberries, strain and sweeten the resultant seedless stuff. Or you could make some brown sugar sweetened sour cream....and flavor it with vanilla.
And I see nothing wrong with just drizzling with chocolate!

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I love balsamic vinegar. What if I were to reduce a balsamic strawberry vinegar? Would that give me the extra zing I am looking for? I also adore anything red and sweet.

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You can make fruit sauce pretty easily. As with anything else, there is more than one way. This is my way.

You can use any fruit to first make fruit juice. The key is first to remove the skin and seeds, which makes it tricky with cherries, pomegranate, grapes, etc. I have ways to do that, but that will require another long thread to explain how and a video to show how.

Second thing with some fruits you will need a juicer or a high power blender to make the fruit into true smoothie.

If you want to make clear fruit sauce, you will need to first make clear fruit juice by using filters or a high speed centrifuge machine.

However, for a pretty good fruit sauce, a blender, a filter or a very fine mesh sieve will do a very good job.

Basic fruit sauce:

Fruit juice or fruit puree
Sugar/corn syrup
Corn starch
A touch of lemon juice.

Proportion for the above is not critical, depending on how sweet the fruits and how sweet you like the sauce to be.

Boil everything, but add corn starch (dissolve in cold water first) at the end. Do not use too much starch, or you will be making glaze. I prefer using tapioca flour instead of corn starch for better transparence and less starchy taste.

Variations and tricks:

Use fruit flavored candies instead of sugar.

Go to a Spanish store and buy fruit flavored sugars.

Use food coloring. You need very few drops.

Add frozen fruit juice concentrate.

For pomegranate sauce, add Grenadine syrup

Use cocktail mix

Add some fruit flavored jello when boiling, very little, you don�t want to make jello.

Add Grand Marnier, or other fruit flavored liqueur

Have fun.


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Yeah!....or a tangerine balsamic....think I'd like the citrus with the fruits.

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Lindac, that sounds really good. Maybe with a splash of Grand Marnier, yummm!

dcarch, thanks for all the wonderful advice. Sounds delicious!

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Annie Deighnaugh

My favorite fruit sauce is plain yogurt mixed with cinnamon and brown sugar...just perfect for cut up fresh fruit.

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Yummm Annie, that sounds divine. I will try this for sure some other time because I have so many other cinnamon and brown sugar recipes going on. Would be killer for Mothers Day brunch. I actually think I have had something like this before and it's very, very good. Thanks for a wonderful addition to fresh fruit ideas.

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