big box stores vs online faucets

PekeFebruary 16, 2013

I have read tons of posts about faucets here. I know that some faucets at the big box stores could have plastic parts. How can I tell if they have plastic parts if I buy it online? I can't look at it until I get it.

I am leaning toward the Moen Level 7175CSL. It reminds me of the Talis. Any thoughts? Thanks.


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beachlily z9a

We just purchased a Delta faucet off of ebay because we saved $100 on that purchase over purchasing it at Lowes. It's stainless plating over brass. Beautiful!

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If the model number is exactly the same, the faucet should be exactly the same. Check the number on a box in the store.

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I had read an article about how many companies are doing fake grohe faucets and others so I wondered if the internet prices were cheaper because maybe they were fakes of not good quality.

I cannot find one at a store...only on the internet. I wish I could hold it in my hands and check it out first. Oh well. I will keep looking. Thanks, Peke

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Only buy from a reputable site on the internet and use a credit card with good consumer protections in case you need to do a chargeback. I don't get the apprehension some people here have about buying over the internet. As long as you are buying from a reputable site (preferably an authorized dealer) then you shouldn't have any issues. Don't buy from some sketchy looking site with unbelievably low prices. If anything try to get a reputable site to match their price.

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big box stores have a lot larger selection online than in the store. You can go into the store and look at their catalogs. I've seen the catalogs mounted near the faucets--you could check the model numbers that way. I think if it's the same model number it will be fine.

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The one I want is at HD but only online. Maybe they will let me return it if I don't like it. Thanks, Peke

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I've bought light fixtures and rugs online at Home Depot that they didn't have at their stores. They were shipped for free and when I didn't like a couple of them once I got them, I was able to return them to my local Home Depot store with no problems. I kept my receipts and returned them in their original boxes and they gave me full refunds - no restocking fees or shipping charges. HD has so much more online than in their stores.

I actually got my faucets from Amazon because they were less expensive there than HD and I knew I wanted them. (If I decided to return them to Amazon, I would have to pay return shipping.) I got a Delta Ashton for my kitchen sink about a year ago from Amazon and we've been very happy with it.

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Watch part numbers VERY carefully.

Even some of the big names make items for HD and mass market that look identical but are NOT (same with power tools).

They make a minor part number change and then hand the product over to the big box sellers.

Even wonder why the porter-cable tools at HD are far less tan the one from the 'tool vendors' online?

They may look the same but are NOT.

Even the Schlage locks at the big box stores are the lower end of the brand name.

HD and the big box places run on price point and volume.

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I think the faucet shopping is the hardest thing I have searched for. Back to the drawing board, I guess.

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