Terrible Twos!!

Karla_NESeptember 5, 2002

My DD, who is 21 months, is clearly starting her terrible twos early. DH and I have asked ourselves many times lately where our sweet little girl has gone. (LOL) She is getting so demanding about having her way all the time and when she wants it. When she throws her tanrums we try and ignore her and just let her decide when she is ready to behave and then interact with her again. BUT, as much as I have heard this is supposed to work, it does not seem to be helping with the frequency of her tantrums. If anything, they seem to be getting more frequent lately.

She also is becomming increasingly difficult to take to restaurants and stores. We have taken her out with us since she was tiny and has always been good for the most part. But lately, we have noticed the trend, along with her general behavior tantrums, of being very impatient in restaurants and stores, throwing things, etc. Don't get me wrong, we don't take her to fancy restaurants that take a long time or anything like that. I am talking Applebees, a pizza buffet, etc.

I think all of this will pass in time, but it is sooooooo frustrating right now. Any words of wisdom or advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Karla, it's very difficult, but it's a phase. I have a 4 yr old and a 2 year old. We are in the same boat, but I have been here before. The best thing to do about the restaurant problems is to remove them from the situation. Take her out to the car and make her sit. Make her understand that you make the rules and she cannot control you with the trantruming. I have left many a restaurant and went thru the drive through for dinner, had my meals wrapped up before I could eat them, and left early because of this problem. You just need to be consistent with your rules, patient because they have only been alive for a couple of years, and strong because it isn't easy. It gets better.

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I have used that also. Althought these 'tantrum' phases always passed, they always would return. Possibly they see another kid throwing one, and they want to try it out.

And when she acted that way, I'd take her out of the restaurant or store.

Why they are called Terrible Two's, I don't know. Because for me, it seemed to hit at 3. Other moms saw it earlier than two, as in the case of the OP here.

Be consistent, and know it will pass. Ensure you and spouse set the exact same parameters, because otherwise, the child will play the parents against each other. Good luck!

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With DS, the two's weren't so bad. At about 18 months or so, he started driving me crazy because he would be into everything and no matter how many times you say no, they won't listen and stuff like that. Then I realized they're just testing you and learning their boundaries and don't quite understand why Mommy says you can't do it. At 3 he started to ask why and I could say because you'll get burnt, it will cut you, it could fall on you and he was fine with that. At 3 1/2 he's testing us again. Now he wants to prove you wrong! LOL He's thrown some horrible fits, almost like he's in a rage over little stuff. It's mostly only at home but I have had to carry him out of the mall crying and screaming because he misbehaved and isn't allowed to go to the toy store now. I get so frustrated and wonder what happend to my sweet little boy. Then I'm wondering where his temper came from and I see a lot of my Mom in there because she flies off the handle easy and used to throw stuff. I've learned that all I can do is take him out of the store, make him sit on a chair or go to his room until he calms down. My fiance' still hasn't seem some of the bad fits and thinks what I call minor ones are big! I just can't wait for him to grow out of this stage but then there is always the next one...


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