Nursery School Waiting List

michie1September 2, 2002

I've read that there can be a long wait for a nursery school. How far ahead do I need to plan? Does the price paid for a nursery school really make a difference in what the kids are exposed to? Also is 2 yrs. old too early or should I wait until 3yrs. old?

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Some have waiting lists, some don't. Usually, the longest waits are in the highest quality centers, but that's not always true. You don't go by price or waiting list. You go to the schools, visit unannounced, ask about curriculums, what is the daily routine, what are they fed, how are they disciplined, etc etc. Ask about teachers, are they certified? Ask about teacher-to-student ratios, etc.

Waiting lists around here can be from 6 weeks to 6 months. Any age past 18 months is fine. I thought she was 14-months old now? Guess you're really planning ahead. 18 months is when they usually start craving activities, arts and crafts projects, etc.

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I figured that the better school were the ones that might have waiting lists, but I also wanted to make sure that I'm not paying big mony jus to get snooty b/c obviously what I'm looking for is the bedt edcational experience we can expose her to, as long as we can afford it.

Thanks for the great questions to ask about.

I don't think I'm thinking about this too early. If 2 yrs, vs. 3 yrs. is when I was to start her in pre-school then she'll be starting school next Sept. I read that many schools register by the Jan before the Sept in which they are supposed to start school, which would mean this coming Jan 2003 in our case. That gives me a few months to look into all the school before we decide which one to send her too. If we send her at age 3 then of course I have plenty of time to plan for it.


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If you are a stay at home mom, and I think you are, you will have to think about one more thing, your child (unless they're "Super Child") will get sick for an entire year (standard given by my doctor and witnessed by me through numerous friends and family members as being true). Therefore, the earlier the better unless they're sick a lot as it is. In that case, try to wait until they're a little more stable. Its not too early, if you want to and you think it is best for your child.


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Boy this is an old post of mine. My daughter did start nursery at age 2 yrs & 3 mos & it worked out great. She was a little timid but seemed to enjoy going & learned an awful lot. She didn't end up getting sick at all. We switched to a new nursery school this yr (the parochial school where she'll continue her education). She goes 3 days a wk & LOVES it & is so social. In addition she also takes ice skating, ballet, swimming soccer during Spring & fall. Sept. 2005 at 4 she'll go for 5 half days & in addition to the above activities she'll take Spanish. She really loves all these activities & I love taking her & exposing her to things I never was.

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