Does Day care differ from Nursery school?

michie1September 2, 2002

I as wondering if they both don't achieve the same thing educationally?

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Day care provides basic needs such as food and diaper changing. Preschools usually start providing for educational needs, but not until the age of 18-months to 2 years. Daycare is completely fine until around 2, at which time you should find a preschool. Otherwise the child will get bored, desiring things such as arts and crafts, and the like.

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As far as basic needs in day care I've seen & heard that they seem to work on arts & crafts (of course on child approp age) use the playground, read books, sing, etc. I was hoping that pre-schools were more eduationally oriented. I was as you can tell by my other posts already considering pre-school. Right now we don't need daycare, but in a few mos I may go back to work & was trying to see which was the best approach. Thanks.

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I would head straight for the preschool if you can. That is, if you are very interested in getting a head start on education and you seem to be.


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