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michie1September 2, 2002

Do they have any educational items worth pruchasing for a 1 year old to work on at home - not in a classroom or daycare environement, or do they mainly carry teaching supplies?

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A 1-year-old just needs toys that are age-appropriate. They are still a little too young to do art or paper-and-glue and things of this nature. Let them play with pots and pans. Let them get messy with food, and learn how textures feel. Let them have creative free-play, and watch some educational TV from time to time. Play music and dance around. Let them play with a wooden spoon and a pot along with the music. Get a little tambourine. Things like that - just creative playtime. At around 18-months to 2 years old, start introducing arts and crafts into the mix. Let them mess it up until they learn eye-hand coordination. Don't strive for perfection in glueing the yarn to the construction paper. Let them do some finger painting in a smock, but for now, just let them be kids.

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I know a 1 yr. old needs age appropriate toys - all kids do. I also wasn't thinkig in terms of arts & craft projects at this young an age (although we recently started working with playdoh & crayons together). I have no problems coming up with what to do with what we have. My question was merely if these stores carry things appropriate for kids her age to use at home, meaning not only for use in a classroom type setting. I wanted to know if it was worth making a trip to visit these stores or not.

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I think they could carry appropiate items that you could use. Some have more of a variety that others, but I feel the only way you would know is to acualty visit one at least once. They do carry pre school items Most people who work there are pretty informed as to age-products Some children are more creative that others, some like perfection, others like mess. I don't see a problem to some structure even at one. This is the way they learn. This comes from a grandma of 4 each and every one different.

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Just buy simple finger paints, water colors, maybe acrylic crafting paint, crayons, markers and simple stuff like that. Get paper, scrap wood or rocks and let her paint or color on them. Some kids don't like messes, like my niece HATES finger paint because it gets all over her hands, and others don't mind. I do a lot of crafting and DS was about 2 when he started joining in sometimes. We just use regular acrylic craft paint that's easy to wash off him but you may want to cover up any clothes or put on old ones to protect them. If I was painting a rock for the yard, he would take a rock and paint, too. If I was painting a sign to hang in the house on wood, he grabbed a piece of scrap wood, too. Sometimes he used the colors I was, other times I filled an old pie pan with colors he wanted. All over our house we have painted rocks, boards or paper with things our son painted. The fridge right now is COVERED in pictures that he did last week with markers and crayons. We even have a few pictures framed and hanging in the hallways to his room that he loves to show off. The rocks and boards were put into rooms that they matched the one is all blues and white and DS said it was the ocean so it's in the little bathroom with the boats and ocean things. Just letting your toddler do simple things like that mean the world of a difference! Spending time with her playing in Play Dough or coloring means a lot to her, too. She's learning more from every day things than people usually realize and kids don't always need all fun and educational toys and things to learn from. Just let her help in chores or things, even if it means having a mess to clean up. Teach her about things inside the house or take her outside and go for a walk...let her pick up leaves and rocks and sticks and pine cones or whatever and glue them to paper or something later. Teaching kids stuff isn't always as hard as some people think. Good luck.


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Yes! Sometimes. Depending on the store, many of the educational supply stores do carry age appropriate learning materials for younger children. The educational supply store in my town does, but the one by my mother in law does not. I think it is a matter of supply and demand in your area.

You have already recieved a lot of advice about what you can do with your child, and I read your response, that you just wondered if it was worth your time to go visit these stores. You might just try it and see if the stores near you have good stuff.

I have a ton of ideas if you ever want any. Just feel free to email me. I also have some good websites that do have age appropriate stuff that are online teacher supply stores if you want them.

I got a few checklists of things kids can/should do at different ages and tried to make some games up to see if I could gently lead him down the path of doing those things. I guess I have seen too many of my friends try to teach their kids and try to force their kids to learn and be ahead and be challenged that I am leery of that. I believe play is the great most important thing you can give your child at an early age. This comes from a former teacher and you can take it for what it is worth.

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Our local store doesn't have alot of things for 1's mostly for 3 and up but they did have some cute puzzles, toys and paints and some craft books for art projects you could use. I have always loved going in there and if you see something she will grow into it tooooo fast..

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Wow, it's hard to believe how long these posts stay around. My daughter is 6 & going into 1st grade. We're up to reading!!!! How time flies!


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