Best way to paint deep trim

alan_s_thefirstAugust 9, 2012

I am using a 1x4 (3/4x31/2) trim - it's quite deep. I am pre-painting it with my airless sprayer using a melamine type paint - "monamel" because it was the toughest, most oil-based type I could find....

I'm getting pretty good results but not as smooth as possible, because I have to do a pass at an angle to get the edges, if you get what I mean so I'm tending to go at 45 degrees to the main surface, in order to cover the edges.

If I were to do a pass directly edge-on, I think it'd be worse.

The results really aren't bad, but I wonder if there's a better way. I recently bought a whip extension (a short, more flexible hose that you use between the hose and the gun) plus a swivel, so that's made it much easier to keep the gun at a good perpendicular angle - you know what it's like with the very stiff hose.

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Try a roller or brush to get the edges, then spray for the crevices in the face of thew trim.

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Are you spraying on horses or keeping the trim up somehow? I never have a problem hitting the edges, so this question is confusing to me.

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