Sleep problems with 2 yr.old HELP!

cylinceSeptember 14, 2007

My 2 yr.old still doesn't sleep through the night. I know its mostly b/c he doesn't get enough 2 eat at dinner time.I just can't get him 2 eat at all! He wakes up at 2am everyday. When he does,he's up 4 at least an hour. And he screams about differant things. He will cry b/c he wants 2 go outside,or he wants his big brother(who is sleeping)or he wants his shirt off. Most of the time,he's screaming(not crying) so harsh,that I can't even understand him. I've given in a few times,like when he wants the light on,but then his eyes hurt cuz its 2 bright of course. I have no way of handling this & its driving me crazy. Ignoring him isn't working either.

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You seem to think it's because he's not eating enough at dinner, and that's very possible. Why not try a adding a small glass of warm milk to the bedtime routine, before teeth brushing of course? It will fill his tummy up. I know when my dd would wake up in the middle of the night this often worked for her.

Another possibility is that he is experiencing night terrors of some sort. It's pretty common among children. Sometimes they even seem "awake" while this is going on, but are in a state between sleep and awake.

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Night wakefulness is also a symptom of milk allergy. We dealt with that.

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