patchSeptember 30, 2005

I have a 3 year old who still has his pacifier but only at night and nap time. I have been trying to break him of this habit with no luck. Does any one have in suggestion on how I can do this.



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I traded my son his pacifier for something he really wanted.....can't remember what it was....maybe a bigger trike...
I told him that when he was through with pacifiers, then we would go right out and buy, whatever it was.
He went right to the garbage and threw it in! LOL!
My grand daughter got weaned off by lack of any new ones.....and the old got flat and ikky one at a time. My daughter told her if she wanted them to last and not wear out, she shouldn't use that last one so she broke her self by saving it.
One grandson used it at bed time well after 4....knew it was a baby thing to his mother told him to keep it on the dresser.....and if he really needed it, he could get out of bed and go get it....and again he broke himself of the habit.
Different things for different kids....but the best way is to convince them that it's not a good idea to keep one in your pocket at kindergarten!!
Linda c

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thanks linda for your advice I will have to try this. I will let you know how it work thanks again for the advice.


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